I don't Dance

I knew him. Well I knew guys like him. I had watched guys like him pass by me all my life. The type that drink until they can't walk, who get any girl they want. Those guys that thought they were invincible, and that they owned the world. That the whole world revolved around them.. so why was this one so different.


1. Back at it

"Time to get up sleepy head!" I heard Kim yell from across my room. I opened my eyes for just a brief second. It was a day that I was dreading. I closed my eyes, and groaned.

"No, you are not doing this. I have let you stay in bed way too much this year. Plus we both work, and we can't be late first day!" She said excitedly, I could hear her voice getting closer, and closer to me.

"Of all days Kim." I whispered under my breath. Then I could hear her footsteps getting louder, and faster. I knew what she was doing, but by the time I turned she had already lunged through the air towards me.

"I'm up!" I said pushing her off of me. She just giggled.

"You know I am here for you today, but you need to get up." She said nudging my shoulder. "Look I even bought you something sexy to wear for the party tonight." She said pointing over to the bathroom. I just rolled my eyes, with her style I would be lucky if there was a cloth there.

"Okay, you need to look happy today, and I judging by the clothes I bought you, you are going to." She said smiling at me.

"Thank you." I said. I finally forced myself out of bed, and over to the bathroom. I didn't want to see what she had gotten me yet. I started to wash my face, and brush my teeth. I turned around, and sitting on the top of the corner of the bath rub was two little pieces of clothing. I rolled my eyes. I slid the shorts up, and they were so short and tight, they almost looked like someone had painted them on me. They almost showed my vag in the front, and the bottom of my ass in the back. The shirt that she had gotten me was no better, it had mid length sleeves, and showed everything except my boobs. I put in on , and it tied up in the middle.

I looked down at myself, and shook my head.

"Are you decent Sara?" Kim asked covering her eyes walking into the bathroom anyways.

"If you can call this decent?" I asked turning to her.

"You look hot!" She said, she was wearing the exact same thing, but with a white shirt instead of black like mine. "All of the boys are going to be all over you today, and tonight!' She said putting her arm around me.

"I guess it's a good thing I go for men?" I said with a smirk. I new she was only trying to help.

"Oh I almost forgot!" She said running out of the bathroom, and back in with something behind her back.

"What did you do now?" I asked.

"Boom!" She said pulling out some boots from behind her back. I recognized them right away. They had JW carved in the side of them, and a scratch right above the heal on the left boot.

"You didn't.." I said a little taken back.

"I knew he would want you to have them, so I had them taken in and altered to be your size." She said handing them over to me. I slipped them on, they were a perfect fit. I looked down at my feet, and smiled for the first time in who knows how long.

"This means a lot to me." I said hugging her.

"He meant a lot to you, I know that. I just want you to know I am pushing you for your own good." She said giving me a tight squeeze, and then letting me go. She wiped a tear away from her eye.

"We are going to be late, we better get going." She said giving me a shove ahead of her. I hadn't seen really anyone from town in a year. I only went in when I needed to. It was going to be a long day and I was sure of that.

The drive to the rodeo was only 15 minutes from our place, but I was getting more nervous to see everyone the closer that we got.

"Oh, and we got a new shipment of bullriders" Kim said smirking at me. She had always had a thing for them.

We got there, and parked out behind the bar. It was an outdoor bar open from all corners of it. We had worked this bar for three years now, and it had never gotten old. It was always a party here, smiling faces everywhere you would turn.

"Look who showed her face!" I heard a deep voice say, and I knew who it was right away.

"Henry." I said smirking and turning around to face him. He wrapped his arms around me immediately, and lifted me right off of my feet. I gave him a tight hug. He was a tall guy, 6'3 or taller. He had dark brown hair, and these big brown eyes to match it. He was a fit man, which is why he was working the front. The entire marketing idea of this bar was to have sexy attractive people working the front, and boy did he fit the bill. He wasn't allowed to wear a shirt at work.

"I missed your pretty little butt, you need to get out more!" He said setting me down. "How have you been holding up." He said holding my chin up with his hand. I looked up at him, and have him a smile.

"I have been doing great. I mean, I just wanna have some fun this week." I said.

"Now you are talking." He said smirking. We opened the sides of the bar, and there was already people lined up to get drinks.

"Look here come the new riders." Kim said nudging me. There was 10 of them walking over to us. 3 of them I had known from previous years, and the other 7 were new.

"What can I get you boys considering we aren't allowed to serve you until after 5?" I asked walking up to the front.

"That attitude never does change does it?" One of them asked stepping forward towards me.

"Cam?" I asked looking at him in disbelief. I didn't hesitate I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

"Oh I gotta get me some of that." I heard one of the guys say. Kim walked up behind me.

"Listen up boys you can look but you can't touch." She said grabbing my ass. I jumped, and then smirked. Me and her had always been to close.

"I let go of the hug, and Cam stood back a little looking at me. "I am sorry about Dan." He said. I just nodded my head. "It's good to finally see you out, I know he would of wanted you here this week." Cam said smiling.

"Thank you Cam, you always were a sweetheart." I said.

"What's your name miss?" One of the boys asked. He looked a little different than the rest of them, he looked more well kept.

"Oh sweety you don't have to call me miss, I am Sara." I said smiling.

"Man have you seen all of the fine ass cowgirls here." I heard another voice that was in the distance say. I could hear the footsteps, and then he was right in front of me.

"One of yours?" I asked Cam. He was in charge of helping to train the newbies. He just nodded his head.

"Well hello there." He said looking at me, and then down my body.

"Boy my eyes are up here." I said cutting a little bit of attitude.

"We are having a party tonight down by the creek, we would love to see you, and your friend there." He said talking to Kim, and then winking at me.

"Cam get this boy out of here before he gets a smack." I said playfully.

"Alright boys, we can stop here after your practice runs." Cam said pulling them along.

"Only if this sweet thing is still going to be here." He said turning back towards me before walking away.

"You are so lucky." Kim said.

"How is that lucky?" I asked looking a little disgusted.

"That boy wants to be all over you, and he aint shy of a nice tall glass of water." She said smirking at me.

"That boy needs to focus less on the ladies, and more on trying not to get trampled to death by a bull." I said. He was somewhat like Henry. I mean the same build. He was tall, and looked to have nice big shoulders, and arms. I wouldn't mind watching him shirtless. He had thick blonde hair that was waved upwards. His eyes were green, but a nice green it was almost calming. His jawline was almost flawless.

"Not my type." I added in, and then turned away.

"Are you kidding me, that is your type to a T." She said.

"Maybe once upon a time." I said.


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