Confessions of Being Me....

This may contain curse words, some suicidal stuff, cutting, and other things so if you aren't comfortable with this please go read something else


26. One Quick Question

This is more of a question…
Would anyone care if I ended my own life?

I have got to think about this a few days ago…and my conclusion is that the answer is NO. No one would care. I will explain why. If I ended my own life tonight, no one would care, due to that they wouldn’t know. The only people that would know and care, would be my parents, and close friends in real life. No one on here would care, or even suspect anything.

Firstly, because they wouldn’t know what happened
Secondly, because no one is there for me anymore….everyone has gotten annoyed by my stupid self that, they quit on me.

Thirdly, because….I’m a nobody…if I was someone that was important, worth it, kind, etc…people would care, but I’m not any of those things, so they wouldn’t care…


Everyone quit on me…there is no one there for me anymore…why should I stay on this world?
I could be in a better place…no depression, no sadness, no loneliness, no low-esteem, no nothing. Only and Always Happiness….why stay…if I could live a better life…
-Kate Alexandra

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