Confessions of Being Me....

This may contain curse words, some suicidal stuff, cutting, and other things so if you aren't comfortable with this please go read something else


40. Not Really A Confession


I'm going to be fucking honest right now. I may be wrong in what I say, but this is how I feel.

This is MY opinion and MY point of view.

I have 5 best friends. They mean literately the world to me! I would take a bullet for any of them, or all of them. I love them a lot, and I care for them soooo much.

But sometimes I feel that, I don't matter as much to them as they do to me. And at this point im talking about 4 of them. Sometimes I feel that, I only matter FOR REAL to them, when im in pain, or suffering, sometimes I feel like im just a fucking piece of shit to them when im not hurt.

Like, in my eyes I feel that others are important to them, and I understand that, but I feel bad because I feel like, I'm not as important, or cared about, or...I don't know. I feel that they don't like me.

I mean, when im talking to them, im being myself, its realy rare for me to be myself. I always change my personality when I talk to some people so I can be accepted, because NO ONE ever accepts me for who I am.

I...guess that's also part my fault... :c

But with those 4 friends, I love them sooo much and they mean EVERYTHING to me, but...I feel like im just another normal person to them....

It's just what I think...but I don't really know, but just thinking this, makes me feel like im no one.....



And...I know they wont see this...which brings a little more pain to me.

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