Confessions of Being Me....

This may contain curse words, some suicidal stuff, cutting, and other things so if you aren't comfortable with this please go read something else


6. Confession #6




I was..... bisexual...


Yeah, I use to be bisexual not long ago. In 6ht grade I was bisexual, some girls in my school were really pretty and I guess you can say I 'liked them' or 'crushed on them' most of them were in 7th or 8th grade. I wasn't sure in that time if ACTUALLY was bi, but I always thought I was because I 'crushed' on some girls. On summer vacation I started getting into boys more and I guess I left my bisexual life behind me. I'm not sure if I actually was bi, I'm still a little confused about it, but I don't think about that much anymore. I'm more into boys now, like a lot. I haven't 'crushed' on any girl anymore. In 7th grade, I started liking and crushing on boys, and in summer vacation. Point is that I'm not bi anymore, I'm straight.


Me knowing that I WAS bi is actually why I don't care if some people are gay or bi, or whatever. I have like 4 or 5 maybe 6 friends that are bi and gay. I really don't care what they are, I like them because of who they are, there personality, and anyone reading this and that is bi or gay and scared to tell the world let me give you some advice:

If you have friends that you trust and that love you and care for you, and you tell them that you are gay or bi, they shouldn't care, it shouldn't matter to them, because they are TRUE friends.




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