Confessions of Being Me....

This may contain curse words, some suicidal stuff, cutting, and other things so if you aren't comfortable with this please go read something else


41. Confession #29


I'm scared of being forgotten, or left behind....


I was talking to a friend yesterday and today in the morning, and she asked me if I was alright, (since yesterday I was kind of down) then, I told her that I was scared and sad that I was being forgotten by some friends. So I told her all that I felt and she said that she felt the same too. She said that she thought that she was no one, and I told her that I felt the same every once and a while.

The reason I was sad was because, I felt that some of my friends were "forgetting me" or that I was becoming "invisible" to them. I mean I know it could just be the stupid, damaged, fucked up mind I have, but, I actually do feel that way. I'm not saying that, its actually happening. I'm just scared of losing my friends, I'm scared of them forgetting me. But, I'm not saying that it's actually happening.

Just in my eyes, it is happening, and I'm just really....upset and scared about it.

It's just all fucked up,

I'm all fucked up.

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