Confessions of Being Me....

This may contain curse words, some suicidal stuff, cutting, and other things so if you aren't comfortable with this please go read something else


33. Confession #25

 I....have never fit in.

I've always been the girl, that never fit in with many groups. In my old school there would be many groups. The popular, the nerds, the pretty girls, the boys, the sport group, etc. I was in the popular group with some girls that I use to consider my friends. There was 4 of us. Yuani (the leader) Charity (the sassy one) and Arianna (the mean one) and me (the not fitting in one.) so I tried being all I could be to fit in and one day, they did a vote and said they didn't want to be my friends anymore and that the group should only be of 3 girls, I got kicked out and I was just the weird one, that had no friends.

Now in my new school I would never fit in with ANYONE in 7th grade me and my friends were the weird ones, and we possibly still are. I don't think I fit in with them that much since they are all different, in that group there are 3 sorts of people Taylor (grunge) Jean (flower child) and me (emo) I'm really different from them, and many other people so I don't fit in and I may never fit in.  

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