Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


13. 1.1

"Why are you in the car with Ashton?" Luke asked while one hand was in his hair, because he was so stressed out right now.

"Well you know how I'm shy right?" Malie asked.

"Yeah." Luke said.

"We'll I wouldn't speak to anyone, and I've well kind of talked to him before that night on FaceTime and he was waiting outside the school for you, so I told him to take me home that you must've went home with somebody else." Malie said quietly.

"I would never stand you up like that, will the both of you just come pick me up please?" Luke pleaded.

"Sure, we are on our way." Malie mumbled, then hung up the phone.

Soon Ashton and Malie picked up Luke, he was waiting outside in the parking lot for them.

When Luke got in the car he got in the back seat, because Malie was sitting in the passengers.

"Where to?" Ashton asked, looking back at Luke when he got into the car.

Luke smiled and said "To the lady's house."

Luke noticed how his comment made Malie smile through the rear view mirror and that made Luke feel good, that he could make her smile.

After Malie telling Ashton the directions to her house, and Luke calling his mom on the phone to tell her that Ashton and him were at McDonalds, that he would be home later, they arrived at Malie's house, and Malie & Luke got out of the car and watched Ashton pull away.

Ashton told Luke to call him and he would pick him up and bring Luke home when he wanted to leave.

So they walked into Malie's house together for the first time, and Malie's dad was sitting on the couch in the living room, he glanced at the 2 but didn't speak a word to neither of them.

When they both went into Malie's room, Luke's eyes wandered around the whole room, it was a dark room, a room without mirrors, a room with mean comments about Malie tapped to the wall.

It hurt Luke to see this.

Malie noticed how Luke saw everything and turned to the boy and said

"I want to show you something."

And Luke nodded in agreement.

Malie started to take off all her clothing till where the point was where she was only in her bra and underwear.

Luke's eyes looked up and down the girls body, seeing every single scar, they're was so many.

"Luke this is all my scars, there is 732 to be exact, and there would be 734 but I stopped the night we facetimed, because you make me happy and when I'm happy I don't cut Luke, I had been sad for 732 days straight, and happy for only 2 days recently and it's only because of you.

You are probably wondering why I've been so sad, well everybody hates me, I get bullied everyday at school for a reason I don't know and you know that, my parents don't want me, they even fought on who had to keep me but they didn't put me up for adoption because their family made them keep me for their responsibility. Yes you can also see my ribs because I barley eat, I think I'm fat and eating reminds me of dates out to eat with Calum. Calum Thomas Hood is the reason I have been depressed for all this time, he was my boyfriend and he just disappeared one day, nobody knows what happened to him, nobody. And that Luke is my story." Malie said being 100% honest with every word she spoke while Luke just stared blankly at her.

Luke didn't decide to speak, what he decided to do was something Malie did not except him to do, but he did.

Luke got on his knees while Malie looked at him questionably.

And Luke grabbed her right arm gently and started to kiss every single cut, every single scar, then he gently grabbed her left arm and did the same.

Luke then kissed all the scars on her thighs, and her stomach, including her sides, to when every scar had been kissed, and Malie just stood there with so many thoughts going through her head.

Luke then got up off his knees and stood up on his feet after he had kissed 732 scars, that's 732 kisses on her body.

And Luke gently laid his arms around Malie's waist and pulled her into a kiss where his lips met hers, and Malie kissed back.

It was a gentle kiss, not a kiss with force or tongue, just a gentle kiss to the lips.

Malie's stomach was doing front flips, back flips, and every flip you could think of, while Luke was thinking how Malice is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.



I absolutely love this chapter, who else?

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