Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


7. 0.5

After reading about 5 different books, Malie was tired of reading and this is one of those times she wished Calum was here with here.

So Malie decided to check Instagram & Twitter, and the usual thing were on her page, people giving her hate and Malie believed every single word.

But something caught her eye, it was a video.

Not just any video though, Malie decided to watch it and it was a video of people tripping her, and a lot of other embarrassing moments of Malie from school all made into one video.

And under it was the comment

"Malice Johnson, go kill yourself!"

A lot of people were already sharing the video, and a lot of people from her school had liked the video.

But one comment was different from the others and Malie noticed it.

The comment just simply said

"Leave her alone"

But to Malie that comment meant so much to her, so she decided to go to that persons page, only to find out the person who had commented it was nobody other than Luke Hemmings.


When Luke got home, his mom told him that he was grounded and couldn't go anywhere for 2 weeks.

So Luke went straight to his room and decided to get on his phone, he was already following a lot of people from his new school on Instagram & Twitter.

And Luke had over 4k followers on both apps, that's the good thing about moving schools a lot.

Luke decided to scroll through Twitter and soon he found a video that somebody from school had posted.

And Luke decided to watch it.

It was a video of a girl who people kept tripping, and a lot of more moments of bullying her.

Luke soon noticed the girl in the video, it was the same girl from his first class yesterday, the girl with the grey eyes.

Luke read the comment under the video that said

"Malice Johnson, go kill yourself!"

The comment made Luke sick to his stomach, Why did everybody hate this girl? What did she ever do?

At least he knew her name now, it was Malice Johnson, that's a pretty name he thought.

But he was still mad, so Luke decided to comment under the video.

He simply just commented

"Leave her alone"

The person who originally posted the video had tagged Malice in it.

That just made Luke wanna check out the mysterious girl's page even more, so he clicked on it.

Her bio said

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

And that hurt Luke to see the girl in much pain, even if it was just a bio, that's what the notes must've meant, they were hate notes.

Luke thought she probably didn't even remember her, but he was interested into getting to know this girl and he decided to follow her, making it only her 57th follower. She didn't have many.



Oohhh, Luke found out her name.

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If you ever need to talk, I'm here. ☼

Ilysm. ♡

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