Bullied [l.h]

'People won't care, until you're dead.'

Sequel- 'Recovery'


5. 0.3

The rest of the day went on just like another boring school day.

But Malie couldn't stop thinking about Luke, and Luke was too busy talking to Lindsey all day that he forgot about the grey eyed girl.

When the bus pulled to a stop in front of Malie's house, making that awful noise, Malie stood up and got off the bus, ignoring the rude comments she heard getting off the bus.

When Malie came through her front door she noticed her parents in the kitchen, but didn't bother speaking to them, she never did and they barley spoke to her.

For her parents thought Malie was a mistake, her parents never wanted kids and the only reason they didn't put her up for adoption is because their family made them keep her.

Malie went straight to her room, closing and locking the door behind her. Malie always locked her door, it was a sign that she didn't welcome anyone into her room.

Malie took out her binder from her book bag and pulled out all the notes that were thrown at her in class today and taped them to her wall, for a reminder that in fact she was a mistake.

Then Malie checked her phone to see if Calum had tried to get in touch with her, but she found nothing as usual so Malie went into her bathroom and looked under the sink's cabinet and grabbed her most prized procession, her razor.

She pulled up her hoodie sleeve and cut another line, 731 cuts, 731 days Calum has been gone.

You could barley see Malie's skin anymore, it was full of scars and cuts, which pleased Malie because she hated her skin, she felt like it was a costume that she couldn't take off.

Malie sat up against her bath tub and let the blood flow out her arm as she stared at the fluids that was flowing out of her.


Luke was in the car with his mom on his way home from school.

He was being asked questions about his day as he texted Lindsey about the party.

When Luke arrived home he went straight to his room and changed into something better for the party.

He pulled on a black shirt with a red flannel over it and some ripped black skinny jeans, including his all black vans.

When Luke was satisfied with his appearance he texted Lindsey telling her to come pick him up.

By the time Lindsey picked Luke up and they finally arrived to the party it was near 10 at night.

Soon Luke was drunk and all over Lindsey, he kept doing body shots off her and grinding on her sweaty body.

"Get off her man!" A buff guy said as Luke started grinding on Lindsey again.

Luke stopped and stared at the guy,

"And who are you?" Luke asked with narrowed eyes.

"Her boyfriend" the guy said rushing over to Lindsey's side, and instantly the 2 were making out.

It hurt Luke to see the big guy making out with Lindsey for she was hot to him.

But Luke shrugged it off and kept having fun for he loved partys.



Do you like the story so far?

I actually think this is my favorite one I've written so far.

Thanks for reading. ☻

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