My bestfriend

Jordyn has always loved her best friend Tom and she had always hid from him until this summer...


3. invite and compliments 🙈

Jordyns P.O.V.

As I walk into the house i hear mum and Ryan arguing. Fuck sake thanks get her pissed off when I'm trying to get her to let me go to a party dickhead🙄🖕🏼.

I go to the fruit bowl and take out an apple I dry myself off properly as I walk upstairs into my bathroom and turn on the shower. I don't hear shouting anymore right in gonna try see if I can get my way with mum now. I walk across the hall and into her bedroom 'muummmm I was wondering if I would be able to g- erm you're a bit dressed up tonight why? Where are you going?' My mum looks up at me blushing. Oh god this is something I need to know I go close the bedroom door and tell her to explain.

'Well you see Ryan doesn't like the idea but it's been 4 years and the one thing your dad wanted was for me to find love again so I'm going on a date to try for him it's the least I owe him Hun' awe yay mum is finally going to become happy again. 'Hey mum I understand as long as you're happy I'm happy'I tell her. 'thank you chick now what did you want to ask me again darling?'Oh yeah I forgot haha 'erm would I be able to go to Lucas's party please I'll sleep at Tara's and I'll be back around lunchtime tomorrow?' She looked at me 'back for 2 latest we are off out for dinner tomorrow so you need time to get ready'I thanked her as I walked out I messaged Tom as I walked to my bedroom telling him I can come and to meet me at the end of the street for 6 I got a reply almost instantly saying okay gorgeous can't wait to see you😌.

There go the butterflies just by him saying gorgeous erghh how does he do it?

I went and got in the shower I took 20minutes after I got out I dried and straightened my hair then I did my make up. I decided to go with plain and simple I did my foundation then out some blush on after I put some mascara on and some nude lipstick. I chose I black dress lace from my neck to my chest then plain black down to my hips it then was flows out; I wore my black heels with a bow on and my bow in my hair to match. To top it all off I wore my silver locket Tom gave me after my dad died😓. I looked in a mirror...

Wow I actually look pretty for once I walk out my bedroom and down stairs my brother and his mates were playing on the PlayStation they turned around 'woah where are you going looking like that?'For god sake Ryan shut up you're only a year older than me I thought 🙄 I walked off ignoring his comment while all his mates were wolf whistling. I got in the kitchen and my mum saw me 'wow you look gorgeous darling hope you have fun baby don't forget-' 'yes yes I know in for 2pm tomorrow latest okay mum I need to go love you bye' I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out.

I saw Tom standing there looking all fidgety I shouted him he turned around and froze. I giggled as I kept walking up to him.'what you looking at?'I tease him 'uh-Ermmmm oh nothing just Ermmmm you just look stunning Jordyn you look absolutely perfect' I giggled 'awe Tom I didn't know you had such good vocabulary chick' he laughed 'right come on before I want to rip this off you anymore' this time it was my turn to freeze 'you wait Erm what' 'yes that's how amazing you look right now' I blushed and looked at the ground 'thank you Tom it means so much coming from you' 'it's fine you know I'll always tell the truth now come before we are any more late'.

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