My bestfriend

Jordyn has always loved her best friend Tom and she had always hid from him until this summer...


5. hungover happiness

Jordan's P.O.V

I woke up but not in my room, in toms in his arms all snuggled up ahh wish I could stay like this forever. Wait shit in toms room what the fuck happened? Wait I remember he kissed me and told me he loved me we danced and the last thing I remember is playing flip cup. Wait what the fuck Tom told me he was in love with me I tuned to look at him and could see he was begging to wake up.

I turned over and pretended to be asleep. I felt him pull me closer and whisper 'morning beautiful' I looked at him 'well good morning pretty boy' he smirked at me 'Jordyn do you remember anything from last night because I remember everything' I looked down knowing I was blushing like crazy 'erm yeah the last thing I remember was playing flip cup' he tensed up 'so you remember everything g before that.. As in everything I said to you?' I giggled 'yes Tom i do I mean if you want to forget it I underst-' I was cut off by him kissing me I kissed him back and then pulled away after a few seconds 'I don't want to forget any of it I meant every word princess' I think I just died inside.

We walked down stairs and I saw Tara and Harry eating 'Sarah where's my food I hope you made me some other wise you're going to have a very upset hungover girl on your hands which may I add is not a good mixture' I heard he laughing 'yours and toms is in the oven darling I couldn't leave you out now could I?' I laughed and sat down while Tom got mine for me. Tara and Harry smirked at me 'what do you two faggots want? What did I do embarrassing wait shit I didn't do owt embarrassing did I?' They laughed 'well if you call Tom admitting he's in love with you then you dancing the. Kissing the being all cuddly all night and walking home holding hands and then when you got back here you told my mum you wa in love with Tom and she replied with yes I know dear I have known since you was 6 then yes I suppose so' I looked at her 'I did what?' Then I heard Tom laughing 'oh yeah I remember because my mum told me to get you some water and paracetamol and send you to the spare room when you said no I want to sleep with Tommy bear which she agreed to rather fast If I do admit'

I walked into the living room 'sorry for any stupid thing I said last night Sarah' she looked at me and chuckled 'that's not the worst I still have the video from like 4 months ago when you both came home and you had a flour fight then you shouted I'm invisible thinking we actually couldn't see you you pretended to sneak past us and lie down on the floor in the living room which you then past out on' I looked at her 'so erm yeah delete that please and I'm guessing you have told my mum?' She laughed again oh fuck that means yes 'no I didn't have to she was in the phone to me when it all happened' oh shit I'm going to be teased for eternity. 'Right just perfect my life is over never drinking again' 'you said that last time you did swim thing embarrassing chick' I chuckled 'don't start Sarah I'm hungover remember and thank you for breakfast love you lots' with that I walked out.

I sat back at the table and started eating I could hear them all laughing at me and my drunken self last night 'oh shut the fuck up bitches you have all done worse I'm the best behaved out of us all normally' that shut them all up. I felt a hand on my thigh I froze... It's toms he started rubbing his thumb up and down. Holy cow fucking shit he's turning me on when his sister my best friend and his and my mate are sitting right at the other end of the island table.

I'm fucked.

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