How it all went wrong


2. 2

Mandi's p.o.v

"MANDI GET THE HELL UP NOW. YOUR GOING TO BE LATE ON YOUR FIRST DAY OF JUNIOR YEAR!" My mom shouted up into the attic room that I now live in. I got up and stomped on the floor so she knew I got up. I walked over to my mini fridge and got a ice coffee. I took a sip and waked into my closet and putting on my previously prepared outfit for school;

White was jeans with a blue button up and a cropped sweater. I put my hair into a missy bun and slipped my black flats on. I finished my coffee and did my makeup. Simple. Just top and bottom eye liner and mascara. I opened the stair latch to leave my room and grebes my bag and phone. I walked down and it retracted back up so you couldn't even tell where my room was. I had lives in this house since I was born. And I have always wanted the attic room so for my birthday I moved on in. While walking down the hall I stopped and looked at the picture of my dad we had hanging on the wall. He went missing when I was 14. Now I'm 17. So our family and the police all think he's dead. But my sister won't give up. She thinks he is alive and that he will come home.

"He is alive Mandi. I know he is." Marlyn said placing her hand on my shoulder and hugging me in.

"Marlyn. He's gone. 3 years." I said walking away. I wished that he could be here for my first day of my junior year. I wish he was here for it all. I miss him every day.

"Hey..." I turned the corner into the kitchen and saw my mom on the phone. She had a look on her face. I couldn't identify it.

"Okay. Thank you detective Russell. Bye!" She hung up and looked at her toes. Then at us.

"Mom. Why was Russell calling you this early?" Marlyn asked getting an apple.

"Well. Thy found some stuff in the case. Guys. I think your dad might be alive!" Just at that moment I realized the look on her face was hope. She had hope that my dad was alive. She took us into a hug I felt a bit of hope spring back for a moment. And it felt good. I drove Marlyn and myself to school. When we got out Dylan was standing there with Robbie. I ran into Robbie's arms and nestled my head in his chest. I let a few tears fall and looked up at him considering he is a lot taller than me.

"Baby! Are you okay? What happened?" He asked kissing my lips.

"Russell called and they found stuff on my dad and they think he's alive?" I looked my into his chest and then at him.

"And you think it's false hope and he's still dead!?" After 3 years of dating you can kinda read someone's mind!

"Yeah" I said softly. I looked at Marlyn who is in love with Dylan and Dylan who is in love with Marlyn. Robbie whispered in my ear.

"They are so oblivious." Neither of them knew that they has feelings for each other. I giggled and as so Caroline appeared. I hugged her and we walked over to our table.

"Where is Sean and Lily?" Marlyn asked.

"Most likely making out behind building 2....again!" Dylan said making us all laugh. Sean and Lily have never made it official but have been acting like a real couple for 4 months now and I think we are all annoyed.

"See I just make out with Robbie anywhere. We don't hide. See!" started to kiss Robbie passionately until we both started to laugh loudly.

"Carful Rob. You don't want herps. Why are you even with her. She has the personality of a wedge of cheese and the face of an ugly sloth." I rolled my eyes facing Caitlyn. We used to be but things changes now we hate each other.

"She makes my day ever single day. And she couldn't be more beautiful." Robbie said kissing my cheek causing me to blush. Caitlyn rolled her eyes.

"And he's the hot friend!" Se laughed and walked away.

"Your beautiful. She's a disgusting bitch." Robbie said looking into my eyes.

"I love you." I said kissing him.

"I love you too!" He said getting up and walking towards Lily and Sean. I laughed and hugged Lily.

"Lil. Make it official." I said in her ear.

"He has too. Not me." She said back. I sighed and we all walked into school. Robbie walked my to my locker and I put everything inside. His was I set away and I walked back over with my stuff and stood next to him.

"Robbie?" I said.

"What's up?" He answered.

"I just love you. So much. And so did my dad. Promise me forever?" I said kissing him on the lips.

"Forever!" He said grabbing my hand and walking to first period. We were both in the same English class and math.


"You'll find a women Bo!" I called him Bo because Mr.Bomer is too long.

"Sit in from Mandi." He said laughing. I sat down and Robbie sat one behind me.

"Too close?" Robbie asked.

"Perfect. Okay. Take out a book. And if you don't have one get the hell out of my class and down to the library." Three kids got up and left. I took out The Fault In Our Stars.

"Really Rossum!" Mr.Bomer called me by my last name.

"I love love storied Bo!" He laughed.

"Amell and Rossum switch." I turned to see Robbie holding his favorite book. Trapped. I hate books like this. WHYYYY.

"BO!!! PLEASE!" I said. Turning back around.

"Amell." Robbie handed me his book and I handed mine back.

"I'm not happy either." Robbie whispered in my ear.

"You all are going to finish that book by Friday and on Monday I want a full 2 page essay on why I should read the book. Now. Read." I sighed and opened my book. Every word sunk me further and further into lala land until I literally fell asleep. When I woke up Robbie and I were the only ones in class and Robbie was shaking me.

"How do you like this book?" I said standing up and stretching out.

"I could ask you the same thing." I laughed and walked up stairs to second period. PHOTOGRAPHY!

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