That day

Luke and Kendall have known each other since primary school.

10 years later they are going to London for there first holiday when something goes wrong


2. 2. food fight

We started to have make out session.. It's was amazing 😏

"Seriously Luke lets get packed" I giggled, he stopped and got up and smirked.

"Okay I guess I have to wait" He pouted. Oh dear.

"Don't even think about it Hemmings" I smiled

"Remember that They boys are coming with us to, but we have our own room" he grinned.

"Okay" I wondered upstairs (we live together) and started to pack about 2 weeks worth of clothes. I could hear Luke being a weirdo in the shower...

"SHUT UP" I yelled, I was also Laughing my ass off he's so weird it's unbelievable.

I heard a loud bang, I dropped everything and ran to the bathroom. I opened to door to find..

"Luke how did get your head in the toilet" I laughed so much, he was in the shower and he's now head first in the toilet.

"I was dancing and like I slipped on the soap and well I'm now in the toilet" he gurgled

"Nice ass" I yelled walking back to our room.

-skip to dinner-

I started to make some homemade pizza for Luke and his best friends. They where having band practice so why not be nice.

Luke came in and said "you looking funny when you cook".

"Well then Hemmings if i look funny and you don't" I through so flour at him.

He stopped there looking at me "MY HAIR KENDALL " he yelled.

"It's called revenge dumb ass" I giggled.

"Oh really", Luke grabbed a bit of butter and rubbed it all over my face. I grabbed a bit of tomato purée and put all over his head .

"YOUR SO DEAD" he laughed. I started to run upstairs but he caught me. "Well let's finish this fight" he grinned

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the eggs, i hide behind a chair and started throwing eggs at his balls, I got one right in the nuts😁

"Oh it's on" Luke smirked.

Hey sorry it's short I'm just really lazy but I'm doing a long chapter soon i promise 💕

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