I need you

Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


7. 7

I'm No Fool

Ali p o v

Today is Luke and Ashton's last days at home. It was so much fun to hang out with them. Same with Cal and Mike. I love all four of them dearly. How will I manage without them for six months? They have been there for me with so much this last month and a half.

We are throwing a going away party for them with our families, the lads, and Keira since she spent so much time with them too. I help mum get the house ready while the boys all meet at Michael's house. Mum is making all the food while I hang up a few decorations. If I don't say so myself, it looks really cool in our living room and kitchen at the moment.

I hear the door and it is my stepdad. Lauren and Harry, my little brother and sister follow behind him with arms full of grocery bags. I help them bring the last of it into the kitchen and my sister helps me decorate. As I pin up the banner on the wall, over the window my phone goes crazy and I realize I am getting a call from my bestfriend.

"Hey! You are still coming over to say goodbye to everyone right?" I double check. She replies with a 'yes' which makes me smile. She also informs me that she will be over in a half hour. I tell her I can't wait and hang up, helping my mum do the dishes. She is working so hard and I'm on my phone which isn't fair.

She is so sad to be saying goodbye to her baby for half a year. The last tour as 11 months so this seems like nothing after the last one. It is still so hard because if something happens to Ash you won't be able to be by his side right away unless you buy a plane ticket.

"Thanks honey" she smiles in my direction. "No problem" I return the smile. When I finish helping her I look at the clock to see that everyone will be here in about an hour. Running upstairs I take a super fast shower and dress into my Navy Blue dress that ends at my mid thigh. Drying my hair I decide to curl it quickly and I hear the doorbell.

Uh-oh, still not done. Oh well they aren't gathering to see me it is for the lads. I finish my make up, very basic and go down stairs. "Hello Ali" Michael's mum hugs me. "Hello. It is so good to see you again" I grin as she rocks us once or twice in the hug. I move to Cal's mum Joy. "How are you?" I ask. "I'm good. What about you?" "Great. Thanks for coming over" I finish.

"Hello love" Luke's mum, Liz hugs me. "I haven't seen you over at the house as much since the boys started rehearsing" she says. "Yeah everything has been getting busy I guess. We will need a shopping day" I tell her. Most people's sisters hanging out with their bestfriends mums is usually weird but it's so common with 5sos.

The boys come in as I finish saying my 'hellos' to all the dads and siblings. I would run over to Luke as I usually do but his parents and brothers probably do to. I just stay with Ashton and hug him. The doorbell rings once again and Keira is here.

"Hey everyone is in the living room" I tell her. "Everyone this is my bestfriend Keira" I point to her. "Hello everyone!" She waves. Everyone says "hello" back and goes back to talking to everyone. I start talking to Calum's sister who is a really close friend of mine.

"Hey I'm going to the bathroom quickly" Keira whispers into my ear. I nod her off and continue talking to Mali about fashion and music. "Yeah I love that shop. It has really cute dresses" she gasps at the fact I like the store.

"No one ever goes there because it is in the middle of nowhere essentially" I continue. Calum comes over and puts his arm around his sisters neck. "Hey girls, what are we talking about?" He questions. "Clothing stores" we say in unison. "Bye girls" he says in the same happy tone and goes to find Ash.

"Hey do you have a phone charger I can borrow?" Luke comes over and questions. "Upstairs beside my bed" I respond. He runs up stairs and I yet again go back to talking to Mali and apologize for all the interruptions.

Luke p o v

I run up the stairs and find Al's phone charger. It's on her nightstand beside the bed right where she said it would be. I haven't talked to her much today because we are both having a great time talking to everyone. As I grab my phone charger I turn and see Keira in the doorway.

"Oh sorry. I came to get a phone charger" I inform her trying to get past her. She pushes me back, closing the door only to leave a crack open but I don't think she realizes its open a little. What's going on here?

"Ya know I'm the type of girl that gets whatever she wants. I have been eyeing something up recently and I'm about to lose my chance to get that said thing" she walks me into a corner. "Yep" I simply reply, popping the 'p.' This is awkward!

She leans up and her lips meet mine. Oh no! Ali is going to kill me. I have been her boyfriend for a month but Keira has been her bestfriend since grade three. If I tell her what's going on she will get mad at me because she isn't as close to me, is she?

"Look I have a girl and you're not her nor do I want you to be. She makes me happier then anyone else does. Only a fool would give up Ali for some other girl. Just so you know... I'm no fool!" I storm past her and open the door to reveal a crying Alice.

"GET OUT!" She screams after a minute. "Ali please? It isn't what it looks like! We are bestfriends I would never do that to you honest" Keira starts crying. "I HEARD EVERY WORD AND I COULD HEAR THAT KISS. GET OUTTT!" I scream as loud as possible. Keira runs past us. Ali chances her, still crying, to the stairs.

Ali p o v

I heard everything and she tries to play it off as if I'm dumb. After all we have been through. I run after her, down the stairs. "I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAINNN!" I fall to the floor but Luke catches me. He rubs my back and everyone is staring at us. "Shhhhhh" Luke whispers in my ear. I see Ashton has the evil eye. He is so protective.

He can go hurt Keira, I wouldn't care. If I never see her again I will be so happy! "I am so sorry. I tried to not do anything but she would stop. I'm so sorry, I don't mean to hurt you" he says, staring into my eyes. "Luke? Did you hurt my sister? Remember our deal!" Ash says.

"What deal?" I question. "Umm.." Ash starts. "If I ever hurt you he will quit the band." Luke looks at me. "I didn't hurt her though. I don't think?" He looks at Ash then me, puzzled. "It was all Keira. She went and kissed him but he tried to fight her back. How could she do that?" I start crying again.

Luke, Ash, and their mates all hug me. "We're sorry" they say holding me tight in the middle of them all. "Why did you go up anyway?" Ash asks. "Luke asked me where my phone charger was and once it took him a little while I figured he couldn't find it so I went to help him. I stopped outside when I heard them kiss. It took everything I had to not throw the door open right at that moment. Then I heard Luke say how wrong she was" I bawl.

"Well now he knows not to kiss any girls on tour!" Calum assures me nothing will happen. I can't help but smile at that one. I go into the kitchen as everyone starts talking again. Ashton comes in and takes a seat next to me. "I was wrong when I said you and Luke couldn't date. Most guys just wouldn't tell their girlfriends. He is a great guy for you" he kisses my head.

I smile and I see Luke in the doorway, arms crossed, smiling. "He is" I grin, staring into Luke's eyes. He comes over and his smile increases, showing some teeth. I stand up and our lips meet. My old bestfriend just kissed these lips. Never again though. They are all mine...

Now I'm going to lose the four boys and I just lost Keira. Who is next?...

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