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Ashton is the protective one of the group and his main rule is to not let his little sister, Alice, date any of his band members... Well that rule is shortly broken after they come home from tour and she sets her eyes on Luke Hemmings...


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Fun Gone Wrong

Alice p o v

I mark the last day off my calendar and scream. "Ash comes home today!" My mum runs in and sees what's wrong. "Ashton comes home today!" I repeat a little quieter. She laughs and kisses my head.

"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes" she says, leaving my room. Well I guess this is a good time for introductions. My name is Alice Irwin, and if you can't tell my brother is Ashton Irwin from the band 5 Seconds of Summer. I'm 17 and my birthday is December 3.

I get dressed in a nice yellow summer dress with some black combat boots. Helping mum set the table, she is making a big breakfast for all the boys. I hear the door and I run to hug Ashton. "Oh" I say as I realize my arms are wrapped around my stepdads body.

"Nice to see you too Ali" he says putting the bag of groceries on the counter. I follow him into the kitchen, "sorry I just thought you were my brother that I haven't seen in many, many months" I stick my tongue out at him and set the table. I feel a pair of arms wrap around me and spin me around. When my feet land on the ground I turn to see Ash.

"ASH!!!" I scream and hug him tightly. After a solid two minutes of not letting go he runs over to mum and hugs her while I hug the other boys. They all say 'hello' and sit at the table. "I've missed my baby boy so much" mum kisses his head.

All the boys laugh as she pinches his cheeks and kisses his face. "Mummm" he sighs noticing us all laughing. She apologizes as she puts plates of food out. We all dig in and I glance around the room noticing the boys looking stylish. That's a first. I try hard not to laugh.

My eyes stop when I get to Luke. He is biting his lip while cutting his pancakes, his hair is perfectly styled, his lip ring is actually attractive. What am I saying? I hate piercings. I finish my food and run upstairs to call my bestfriend Keira. When she answers I start shouting.

"Calm" she demands with a giggle. "But the boys are back. Just like Troy and Chad in High School Music" I say chuckling. I make her laugh too.we start singing some of HSM and laugh. I'm so giggly today since they came back! I tell her to come over and hang up.

About five to seven minutes later I hear a knock on the door and she is standing in front of me with her 17 year old bad self, brown hair and eyes, and her rip black skinny jeans and nirvana shirt. She dresses so much like the boys. So do I but I'm in a dress today for the occasion.

"I missed hanging out with my little sis. What are we going to do today?" Ash puts his arm around me. "Go to the go kart tracks and race all day long" I suggest, enthusiastically.

We all get in the car and Ash drives as we try to fit Calum, Luke, Keira, and I in the back. It's a struggle but who cares. We don't bother to buckle up so we hold each other tightly. When Ash pulls in we all pay for loads of tickets and get on the first track.

"I'm going to win!" Michael yells dramatically and the green light flashes, telling us to go. Ozzy's is the best place because there is mini golf, loads of go karts, football (soccer), basketball, rock climbing, and lazertag.

I turn corners and cut turns and dominate. Then of course that's all ruined because Calum runs me into a wall and I scream at him. He just looks back and laughs his eye-crinkling smile. I shake my head, turn the go kart, and race after him. They pull the gate for us to go pull the karts in as I am about to pass him.

"Didn't get me" he rubs in my face as we walk to the other go kart tracks. Luke wins the next one and Keira wins the one after that. We go to sign up for laser-tag. We have to wait a half hour so we go and play a game of mini golf. I finally end up winning. We go up to the laser-tag section and watch the video of instructions.

We get a total of 45 minutes and the teams are Calum, Luke, and Keira with some other people who signed up and Ashton, Mike, and I with other people. We go into the dark room and run to our bases. I start shooting at people's chests with the laser. I run around and go back to base to recharge.

Seeing Luke is the top leader on his team, I figure I should go after him. Running over to the middle of the room I try to defend the small hill from the green team. We are the red team. I see Luke and my gun isn't charged so I turn and run to base, unfortunately he sees me and chances me down. I turn back to see where he is and when I turn back around and trip over something. I hear a pop.

"AHHH!" I scream and fall to the ground. Luke starts shooting and he eventually stops when he hears my whimpers. "Are you okay?" He questions seconds after laughing. "I think I broke my ankle" I cry and grip my ankle. He picks me up bridal style and I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Yo I get its a dark room but he is my bandmate. I told you, you can never date the band!" Ashton stops us. "Shut up Ash, I think I broke my ankle" I inform him. "Get everyone else. I will take her to the car" Luke demands. We put our jackets on the shelves and he picks me back up. He runs down the stairs which is bouncy.

I stare at him, my arms still wrapped around his neck. He looks down at me concerned. I stare back into his bright blue eyes. I get butterflies in my stomach. Oh so fitting, I break my ankle but I find my feelings for my brothers bandmate who I can't date. Not like he would want me but oh so fitting as I'm crying from pain.

He opens the door and sits in the back with my ankle on his lap. He just stares at me. "Um...how do you feel?" "Pain. It's all I feel" I lie. Gosh he is so concerning and caring. He is so sweet. Ash would kill me if he knew my feelings right now. Everyone comes running to the car and Ashton drives, Calum sits up front and I lie in the back over Keira, Michael, and Keira. Every time there is a bump I scream.

Everyone stares at me as Luke carries me inside the hospital. The doctor checks me out and tells me it is a sprain. He gives me crutches that I will have to use for a few weeks. I sigh and go back into the car with everyone. "I had so many plans with you an now we can't do them" I tell Ash. He hugs me and assures me that we will still hang out a lot.

We go back home and mum questions everything about the crutches. The boys have to go home which they all live so close so I say goodbye and thank Luke for helping me.


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. I will try to update as much as possible!

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