The answer

Et digt ;-)
Som man selv må fortolke.


1. The Answer

I guess you don't care,
but how should I know? 
You don't say a thing, 
yet you won't let me go
It's harder to breathe now, 
but easier to lie
You avert your gaze,
when I look you in the eye 
All I see is love, 
but all I feel is fear
What would I do, 
if you weren't here? 
Would I miss you and cry, 
or would I be happy and smile? 
Am I wrong, or delusional? 
To me, it seems somewhat crucial,
to answer the questions inside of my mind
Still you hide it all, 
behind your closed-lid-wall
In the corner of your eyes,
that's where the answer lies,
that I'm trying so hard to find. 

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