Only with You

Riley and Harry now has to face the world with their secret out about them! How will the fan take their fake wedding, the lies and the fact that now they are really falling for.
Book 2 to Stuck With You


3. Chapter Three: Band-Aid of Truth

~ 3

Harry pulled me closer as if scared they would take me away from him. Thump, thump, my heart is pounding so hard. Everyone was just looking at us. Not a word said or done. Waiting. Harry moved even closer to me; his side was touching my arm. Causing my arm hair to stand up. Swallowing, but my thought was so dry it just made it worse.

“Harry…” Jack started to say.

Out of everyone, Jack was the maddest where everyone just looked hurt with a little upset.

“No, I don’t know what you’re going to say but before that you have to hear what I have to say.”

I wish I knew what he was going to say. But I didn’t stop him. This is what or how he wants to do it, I’ll go along with it; for now.

“This is not how I wanted it to happen.” He was mostly looking at his mother.  “This was to be easy and over. Riley was to be on her way home tonight. And by morning the world would be reading about us splitting up.” Harry stopped talking. His eyes moved around the room but I just looked at him.

Was he going to tell them?

“Wait!” My father snapped. “Are you saying this was all a set up?”


“Kinda.” Harry said.

My mother's eyes widen; so did Niall and Liam's’.

“We got married… while…” I tried to, this was harder than I thought.

“I got her drunk.” I turned to see my cousin standing there. Everyone looked at her. My parents face went even madder than before. My father eyebrows smashed together. While my mom's lips formed a line.

“She meet Harry and one thing lead to another and they got hitched.” She said; rapping the Band-Aid.

“So, this is your fault?” My father said.

“No.” I said. I stepped forward, Harry still holding tight onto my hand.

“There is no fault here.” I looked around the room.

“If anyone should be blame me and Harry.” At this he stepped next to me.

“We are the ones who said yes.”

“That’s not the point.” Jack said.

“Do you two know what you’ve done?”

Harry and I didn’t say anything,

“The news is already all over this, four different trends on twitter, people won’t stop calling.”

I knew I was blushing.

“You lied.” Harry mother finally said something. The room fell quiet. I looked at Harry he’s broken over this. For a moment his eyes were filled with tears but he just blinked them back.

“I don’t care how or why it happened but Harry you are going to fix it.” She stood and walked out the door.

“Mum.” He called but nothing.

My handed squeezed him. He looked down at me, biting my lip wishing I knew what I could say or do to fix this, everything.

“Harry, married or not?"                

"Was this a one-time wedding?"

"Member, lying to fans?...”

Jake started to read something from his phone.

“What were you thinking?” He yelled.

“I’ve already answered that.” Harry said, calmly.

And he lead me out if the room. Voices called our names but we just kept walking.


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