Brother and me

What if your brother was Harry Styles and you got to go everywhere with one direction.


1. Tour

Olivia's POV


BEEP BEEP BEEP. I slowly opened my eyes. Time to get ready for tour. I thought. I jumped up and got dressed in my dark jeans and my black shirt that said in bold white letters AWESOMENESS. My suitcase was already down stairs by the door so I decided to wake Harry. I ran in his room and jumped on him.WAKE UP!!! He opened his eyes and grabbed me and we fell to the floor. You need to get dressed. I said. Why? He asked confused. Because 1D TOUR!!! I screamed in a happy tone. Ok I'll get dressed I'll meet you down stairs.Harry said. I ran very loudly down the stairs. Luckily mom and dad were in Hawaii on vacation.



When I got down stairs I noticed the guys already eating cereal at the island in the kitchen. They spent the night last night because they thought it would be easier. Sup guys. I said while getting my cereal. Zayn suddenly said. Hey where's Harry we have to leave to get on the tour bus in 15 min. Just as he said that Harry came through the kitchen doorway.

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