The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


19. wow

*Melissas' POV*

"This is all your fault. He's the bet thing that's ever happened to me and now he's gone!!!" I heard Mira yell. I open my eyes and notice the boys are awake. "What's going on?" I asked. "We don't know. We heard yelling and woke up." Luke said. Then Ashton comes around the corner all sad. "What's wrong ash?" Calum asked. He didn't say anything. He sat down beside me with his head in his hands. "Ashton.. Tell us what happened. Please." I said. "Well, she was having trouble getting the salt and pepper so I helped her. Then we started talking and I leaned in and.. and I kissed her." He said. "Ashton!" I yelled and hit him. "That's not the worst part." He said. "Then what is?" Luke asked. "Michael was standing in the door way when I kissed her." He said and a tear fell down his face. "ASHTON!!! WHAT THE HELL MAN? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MICHAEL LIKES HER!!! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Calum yelled. "Calum calm down." I said. He just huffed and sat down. "Why Ashton why?" Luke asked. "Because I want her and only her." He said. We all just sat there looking at each other. *Miras' POV*

I hear yelling from downstairs but I just plug in my earbuds and listen to music. I finally stopped crying but then amnesia came on. I just sat there and cried for what seemed like hours but it was only like 4 minutes. "I have to go find him." I mumbled to myself. I get up and grab my jacket and walk downstairs. I try to be very quiet. As I walk down I hear Ashton speak. "Because I want her and only her." He said. I just ignored him and walked out the front door. Okay where would he be? If I was Michael where would I go? Think Mira think. Come on where is he? I searched for hours and I still couldn't find him. I can only think of one last place. I walk to park and there I see him. He's sitting on the same bench I was on when I came here. Gosh I'm so stupid! This should've been the first place I looked. I walked up to him and he avoiding eye contact. "Mikey please let me explain." I said. "What is there to explain? You and Ashton kissed." He said. "That's where you're wrong. Ashton kissed me but I didn't kiss him back. I just froze when he kissed me. Michael you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I don't want to lose you. I can't lose you. If I lose you then I would be so lost." I said. He finally looked at me. I could see the sadness and hurt in his eyes. "Michael please say something." I said. There was a long pause before he spoke. "Mira. Do you like Ashton? Be honest." He said. "Wow Mikey. You really think I like him? If I liked him then I wouldn't be here right now. I would've kissed him, but no I didn't because I like you. Only you Mikey, but if you're to stupid to see that then I don't know what to tell you." I said and started to stand up. I was hoping he would say something or grab my arm but he never did. I was half way home when I heard running behind me. "MIRA WAIT!!" Michael yelled. I stopped in my tracks and waited. "Mira Im sorry. I should've believed you back there." He said. "Mikey I don't like Ashton. I like you. I like Michael Gordon Clifford." I said with a stupid smile on my face. "Mira I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I really am. I like you a lot and I don't want to lose you. I like you for you. I really like Mira Lynn McNeal." He said. "Don't say my middle name. I hate it so much." I said with a little laugh. "I think it's beautiful." He said. "So are we good now?" I asked. "Yes." He said and kissed me. Our lips moved in sync. I felt fireworks when we kissed. He's just so perfect. I pulled away and looked up at him and just smiled. "Come on let's go home." He said. When we walked up to the house I saw my dad's car. "Mikey wait. I can't go in there." I said. "Why not? What's wrong?" He asked. "My dad is here." I said. "Mira. Just talk to him please." He said. "Okay fine." I said. We walked in and saw my dad. "Mira can we talk please?" He asked. "Fine, but Mikey is staying with me." I said while I looked at Mikey. He just shook his head. "Okay." My dad said. "Kim said you worked with the CIA." I said. "What? No no no I never worked with the CIA." He said. "She said you killed her brother." I said. He didn't say anything. He just looked down. "Did you kill him?" I asked. "Yes." He said quietly. "Why?" I asked. "Because um because I was in the CIA." He said. "But you just said you never worked for them." I said kinda angry. "I know I know. I'm sorry." He said. "Why didn't you tell me you worked for the CIA?" I asked. "I couldn't tell you. I had to protect you." He said. "What else have you lied to me about?" I asked. "Mira I never lied to you." He said. "Yes you did." I said. "Mira Lynn." He said. "Don't. Say. My. Middle. Name." I said through gritted teeth. "Mira I had to lie to you and your mother to protect you two." He said. "Get out." I said. "What?" He asked. "I said GET OUT!" I yelled. He got up and left. I just looked over at Mikey with tears in my eyes. "It'll be okay baby I promise." He said. "Mikey. Can we go on a date tomorrow night?" I asked. "Sure babe." He said. I smiled and stood up and walked to the kitchen. "Hey Melissa." I said. "Oh hey. Did your dad leave?" She asked. "Yeah he did." I said. "Mira can I talk to you for a second?" She asked. I hesitated a little. "Yeah." I said. I followed her outside and we sat down. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I really like Luke but I don't know how he feels." She said. I smirked and stood up. "What are you doing?" She asked. "This." I said and turned around and ran to the door. I sprinted to the kitchen and found luke. "I KNOW SOMEONE WHO---" I didn't get to finish because I got tackled by Melissa. "What the fuck?!?" I said. "Don't say anything while I'm here." She whispered in my ear. "Melissa likes you." I blurted out. "MIRA!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!" She yelled. Her face was red from anger and embarrassment. "Melissa calm down it's okay." Luke said. "Come with me. We have to talk." He said. She followed him and glanced back at me. "Mikeyyyyyy!!!" I whined. "YES BABE." He yelled from the bathroom. "Help me up!!" I yelled. "One second!" He said. He came around the corner and bursted out in laughter. "What?" I asked confused. "Your face is so priceless right now. You look like a help less puppy." He said while laughing. "Shut up and help me." I said. "Mikey what are you doing?" I asked. "Getting a drink and a snack." He said. "You're not gonna help me up?" I asked. "Nope." He said. "Fine. I'll do it myself." I said and started to get up but fell because I lost my balance which caused Mikey to laugh again. "Shut up! It's not funny!!!" I said in a baby voice. "Yes it is." He said mocking me. "Fuck you." I said. "When. Where. Time and how hard?" He said with a smirk. "You're disgusting." I said and got up. "But you love me." He said while wrapping his arms around me. "Love is a strong word." I said. "I know it is. Wanna watch a movie?" He asked. "Sure." I said. He picked out a movie and put it in the DVD player and sat on the couch with me. I snuggled into him and soon fell asleep even though it was still morning time. *Melissas' POV*

Luke lead me to an empty bedroom. "What do you want to talk about?" I asked him. "Melissa I like you a lot." He said. "You do? I mean uh I like you too." I said with a smile. "Will you go on a date with me?" He asked. "Of course I will." I said. He smiled and crashed his lips into mine. Our lips moved in sync and I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. I wish we could stay like this forever but he pulled away. We put our foreheads together and caught our breath. "Let's go back out there." He whispered. I nodded and we walked out hand in hand. "Mira." I said. "In here." Michael yelled. We walked around the corner and saw them cuddling. "Be quiet she's sleeping." Mikey said. "She deserves this." I said. "MIRAAAA WAKE UP!!!! MICHAEL WANTS TO FUCK YOU!" I yelled in her ear. She shot up and tackled me to the floor. "YOU KNOW I WAS SLEEPING!!! I HATE IT WHEN YOU YELL AT ME TO GET UP!" She yelled but she was laughing. "I know that's why I did it!" I said. We were on the floor laughing for a while. "Why are y'all still laughing?" Luke asked with a little chuckle. I stopped laughing. We both looked at each other and bursted out into laughter again. "We don't know." Mira said between laughs. We finally calmed down and the boys just looked at us like we were crazy. "Cuddle?" Mira asked me. "No." I said. "Cuddle?" She asked while poking my cheek. "No." I said. "Hey you got that from one of our keeks!" Luke said. "Your point is?" Mira asked. "GROUP CUDDLE!!" Michael yelled. Mira and I looked at each other and screamed. We tried to get up but the guys pulled us down and we all started to cuddle. "Someone is touching my butt." Mira said. "Oh sorry." I said with a little chuckle. "Lol it's fine." She said. "What are we gonna do?" Michael asked. "We can go to cloud nine." Mira said. "What's that?" Luke asked. "It's this place with a bunch of trampolines and obstacles. It's really fun." I explained to them. "Okay sounds fun." Michael said. "I'll go see if calum and ashton want to come with us." Mira said while trying to get up. I saw Michael tense up a little when she said ashton. "Why can't it just be us four?" Michael asked. "Well it can but it would be rude to not ask them if they want to come." She said. "Michael it's okay." I said. He let Mira go and she said she'll be right back. "I really don't want Ashton to go." Michael said. "Dude we're in a band you have to get over it." Luke said. "You would be mad if calum kissed Melissa, so don't tell me to get over it." He said. "Calum said he would come but Ashton has plans." Mira said while walking around the corner. "Ashton doesn't have plans." Luke said. "Yes he does." Mira said. "No. He doesn't. He just doesn't want to see you and Michael together." Luke said. "Well he's gonna have to get over that because I really like Michael." She said. "I really like you too." Mikey said with a smile.

*Miras' POV*

"I'm gonna go get ready." I said. "I'll go with you." Melissa said. "We have to get ready too." Luke said. "Okay well give us like an hour to get ready." I said. They nodded and Melissa and I walked up stairs to my room. "I'm gonna take a quick shower." I said. "Okay. I'm gonna start on my hair." Melissa said. I nodded and grabbed a towel and headed to my bathroom. I turned on the water and started to strip. Once the water was at a good temperature I got in and relaxed. I let the water fall all around me. Then my arm felt heavy. I looked down and remembered last night. Fuck what am I gonna do? What am I gonna wear? I totally forgot about these. I quickly showered and got out. I walked back to my room. "Hey I'm done." I said to Melissa. "Okay cool. I'm almost done with my hair." She said. "What should I wear?" I asked. "Something comfortable." She said still looking in the mirror. "Melissa." I said quietly. She turned her head to look at me and saw it immediately. "Mira why?" She asked. I could see the sadness in her eyes. "I'm sorry." I said while a tear escaped my eye. "Mira how bad are they?" She asked. I held out my arm so she could take off the bandages. She unwrapped them and looked at every single one. "They're not that bad. I mean they're bad but not that bad." She said. I looked down at my arm. She was right. They weren't horrible but I was still uncomfortable with showing them. "I don't want Michael to see these." I said. "Follow me." She said. We walked to the bathroom and she sat me down on the toilet. She looked through the cabinets and found gauze and a ace bandage. She put some medicine on my cuts and put the gauze over it. Then she wrapped my arm up and made sure you couldn't see the cuts. "Now it looks like you just sprained it or something." She said. "Thanks bae." I said. "No problem. Now go get ready." She said. I nodded and we walked back to my room. I decided to wear spandex and a t-shirt. Melissa wore the same thing. She had her hair in two Dutch braids. She didn't bother putting on make up and she still looked absolutely gorgeous. I wished I looked like that without any make up. I blow dried my hair and put it in a French braid. Then I put a little foundation on and a little mascara with some Chapstick. "Ready?" Melissa asked. "Ready." I said. We walked downstairs and waited for the guys. A couple minutes later they were ready. "It's about time." I said. "Shut up." Mikey said. We put on our shoes and walked out the door. "I'm driving." I said. "I call shot gun!" Mikey said. We all got in the car and I drove us to cloud nine. We walked in and got our bracelets. "This place is soooo cool." Luke said. "I know right!" Melissa squealed. "Come on let's go!" I said. We all took our shoes off and ran to the entrance. We all started jumping and laughing. After about 45minutes of jumping we decided to take a break. Then I noticed that Mikey isn't with us. "Where's Mikey?" I asked. "I don't know." Luke said. I start to look around for him but I don't see him. I checked every nook and cranny but didn't find him at all. I went back to the table and eat down. "Where is he?" Melissa asked. "I don't know." I said. "Well whatever you do don't turn around." Luke said. "Why?" I asked while I turned around. "Oh my god." I quietly said. It was Mikey with another girl. They were jumping and laughing together. He looked so happy with her. She was gorgeous too. I watched them for a few seconds then turned around. "It's okay Mira." Melissa said. I turned back around and saw Mikey with his arms around her waist. He always did that to me. "What did I do wrong?" I asked. "Nothing. You didn't do anything." Melissa said while rubbing my back. I stood up and walked out the door. I walked to this lake they had behind the building. I sat down on the grass and stared off into the distance. I sat there for a good 20minutes. I was about to stand up and walk away but someone stood beside me. I looked over and it was the girl that Michael was with. "Um hi." I said awkwardly. "Hi. My name is Brooke. I'm Michael's girlfriend." She said with a smile. Wait what. Girlfriend? That word ripped my heart out and stomped on it. I immediately wanted to die. But instead I just held it together. "Nice to meet you. My name is Mira." I said and shook her hand. "Why are you back here alone?" She asked. "Oh I just needed some fresh air. Why are you here?" I asked. "I also needed fresh air." She said. "So how long have you and Michael been together?" I asked with a lump in my throat. "2months." She said happily. "Oh cool. Well I have to get going but it was nice to meet you." I said with a fake smile. "You too." She said and I walked off. I walked back inside to grab my shoes and keys. "Hey babe." Michael said. I ignored him and grabbed my things and walked out. "Mira! Mira! MIRA WAIT!" Michael yelled, but I didn't. I ran full speed to my car with tears in my eyes. Why did this happen? Why? Why is it always me? I got in my car and turned it on. I put my seatbelt on and locked the doors. I started to back out but immediately stopped. I couldn't drive. I was a complete wreck. I couldn't see anything through my tears. I haven't cried this hard since my moms death. I calmed down a little and tried again. This time I was forced to stop because Melissa came running towards the car. "Mira open up!" She said. I unlocked the car and she got in. I was about to the lock the doors again but luke opened up the door and the guys got in. "Mira drive." Melissa said. I nodded while hiding my face so she wouldn't see my tears. It was a quiet ride home. When we pulled in the driveway everyone got out except for me. I just sat there staring into nothing. My suicidal thoughts consumed my brain. Michael was one if the only things that kept me going and now he's gone. He lied to me. He betrayed me. I'm such an idiot. "Mira are you coming?" I heard Michael say. I looked at him through the window. In that moment I couldn't handle it anymore. I broke down right in front of him. He tried to open the door but it was locked and I wasn't going to unlock it. "Mira open the door." He said worriedly. I ignored him and started to back outbid the driveway. I don't know where I'm going but at this point I really don't care.

*Michaels' POV *

We all got out of the car except for Mira. She's been ignoring everyone, especially me. What did I do? "Mira are you coming?" I asked through the window. She turned her head and looked at me. Then she started to cry. The tears fell faster her sobs got louder. I have to know what's wrong with her. I tried to open the door but it was locked. "Mira open the door." I said worriedly. Of course she didn't unlock it, instead she started to back out then she drove off. "FUCK!" I yelled and kicked a pinecone. "Mate what's wrong? Where's Mira?" Luke asked. "WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?!?" Melissa yelled. "I don't know!!! She just drove off." I said. "I know where she is." Melissa said. "Where?" I asked. "We used to go to this pond when we were younger and talk. We loved that place so much." She said. "Get in the car. I'm driving." Melissa said firmly. We did as we were told and she started to back out then drive off. "What happened to her? Why is she so upset?" I asked. "Michael. Who was that girl at cloud nine?" Luke asked. Oh fuck. Oh my god. I fucked up. "She's my um she's ugh my um ugh..." I stuttered. "SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!" Melissa yelled. "She's my girlfriend." I said. Melissa slammed on the breaks causing us to be pushed forward. I hit my face in the dashboard. "Fuck that hurt." I said. "Stop whining and tell me why you played my best friend you jackass." She said. "I'll explain everything when we get there. Now drive." I said. She let out a sigh and started driving again. After about 5mins we arrived. We all jumped out of the car and started to look for her. "There's her car." Melissa said pointing to the car. I sprinted towards the car but only to find she wasn't in it. "FUCK!" I yelled and kicked the tire. "AAAAHHHHHH" I heard Melissa scream. I ran over to where she was. "What? What's wrong?" I asked. "Over there." She said pointing. I looked in that direction and saw a body floating. "MIRA!!!" I yelled and ran into the pond and got her. "Call 911!!" I yelled. "Mira come on stay with me." I kept repeating it. I looked down and saw blood. I turned her arms over and saw multiple gashes on both her arms. They were very deep. "I'm so sorry Mira." I said while crying. I could hear Melissa's loud sobs, which made me cry even harder. A couple minutes later the ambulance came they rushed to her side and put her on a stretcher. "Only one person can come with us." The person said. "I will." Melissa said. They nodded and she climbed into the truck and they drove off immediately. Luke and I went back to the car and went to the hospital.

*Miras' POV*

I ended up going to this pond that Melissa and I went to when we were younger. We always came here to talk and play. So many memories in this one place. So many happy memories. I opened up the glove box and got out my blade. I got out of the car and went to the pond. I stood there looking around. Tears in my eyes. I counted to three and made the first deep cut on my wrist. Then another one but deeper. Then another and another and another. I walked into the pond and made my way to the deep end. I got to the point to where I couldn't stand. I didn't bother to swim. I let myself sink. Soon I was underwater completely. No oxygen. No pain. No Michael. Nothing. Just myself. Soon I was consumed by darkness. It was very dark, darker than dark. For once I was scared, but I didn't care. I wanted this. I wanted to die. I want to be with my mom again. I felt my body float to the top. I was satisfied, until I felt someone lift me up. I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't see anything. I was completely numb from head to toe.


Hey guys!! Sorry it's been awhile since I updated but thank you for reading my fanfiction and I hope the future readers like it. Love you all so much 💘

-Mikayla xx💘

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