The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


13. seriously

*Melissas' POV*

We searched for about twenty minutes and still didn't find him. "Wait... I think I might know where he is." Calum said. "where? We checked everywhere." I said. "I know exactly where he is." Calum said. We all nodded and followed him. Finally we stopped and we were at a old warehouse. "Why would Mikey be here?" I asked. "It's where we always find him." Calum said. "Then why didn't we come here first??" I asked. "I kinda forgot about this place. He usually doesn't come here but when he does he's pissed. He found this place the last time we were in New York." He said. "Okay let's just go get him." I said. We walked to the building and calum opened these two doors. "Okay this is a big warehouse." I said. "Let's split up. Me and Ashton you and luke." Calum said. We all nodded and went our separate ways. "Where do you think he is?" I asked luke. "He's probably over there." He said while pointing. I could see smoke. "Michael smokes?" I asked shocked. "Only when he's nervous/sad/mad." He said. I ran over to Michael. "Michael we've been looking for you all over." I said. "Sorry Melissa. I just can't believe you made a deal with that son of a bitch." Michael said. "Michael I know you think he's a bad guy which he is but Jacob can also be very nice. Please come help us save Mira." I said. He looked at me and his eyes started to water. "Don't worry Mikey I'll make sure they get what they deserve." I said. "Mira calls me Mikey." He said and a tear fell down his cheek. "How do you know she's not dead already?" Michael asked. "We don't know if she's dead or not. That's why we need to go back there now." I said. He stood up and we found the other lads. We all raced back to Jacobs. "Did you guys hear that?" Luke asked. "Hear what?" We all said. "There was a gun shot." He said. Michael started running towards the house. "MICHAEL STOP!!" I yelled. Of course he didn't listen. Luckily we were about half a mile away from actually reaching Jacobs house. Ashton ran after Michael and got him back to us. "What the hell Michael?" I asked. He just looked away. I could see tears in his eyes. "What if she just died?" He asked quietly. "I don't think she did." I said. "Wait where's luke?" Calum asked. I looked around. "LUKE! LUKE!!" I yelled. "IM RIGHT HERE GUYS!!" He yelled. He was behind a tree. We all went up to him. "Guys. You see that sniper?" He asked. We all nodded. " no no. That can't be." I said. They all looked at me confused. "That's Miras older brother. She never talks about him because they never really liked each other. They hate each other." I said.

*Miras POV*

"You hired my older brother to fucking shoot me?!?" I asked. "You guys hate each other. Remember? That's why he was more than happy to do this job for me." Kim said. Next thing I know I see him get tackled. "what the hell?" I quietly asked. Oh my god . It's Mikey!!! He just tackled my brother. Where's everyone else? Just then Melissa busts through the door. "Hey bitch." She said. I just giggle. She walks up to Kim and starts to beat the shit out of her. "Melissa that's enough!!! Melissa!!" I say as I'm pulling her off Kim. "Mira let me go!!" She yelled. I just held her tighter. "Melissa listen to me!! We're not shooting her!! We're gonna take her to the cops!!" I said. Melissa just looked at me. Next thin I knew she grabbed my gun and shot Kim in the head and chest. "MELISSA!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?" I yelled. "I'm sorry. I had to." She said. "Look I'm happy she's gone but we don't know where Jacobs sister is!!!!" I yelled. "Oh shit." She said. I just walked out of the house. "MIRA WAIT!!! WAIT!!!" She yelled. "What?" I said harshly. "Kim is so fucking stupid. She has the address to where she's keeping Jacobs sister." She said. "I fucking love you." I said. She just giggled. All of a sudden I get picked up and spun around. "Mikey let me down!!!" I shouted while laughing. He put me down and kissed my forehead. "Hey guys!" I said to the rest of them. "Hey." They all said. "Mira do you know where my sister is?" Jacob asked. "Yeah Melissa has the address." I said. He nodded. "Well are we just gonna stand here or are we going to go get Jacobs sister."Melissa said. We all jumped into the car and drove to the location his sister is at. When we arrived we noticed four guards. They're armed of course. They all have AK47's, grenades, and combat knifes. "Fuck. How are we getting in there?" I asked. "I have a plan, but you're not gonna like it." Jacob said.

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