The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


23. destroyed

*Michael POV*

"I wish I was dead." Mira said then she passed out. Shit. What am I gonna do? I pull out my phone and dial calum's number.

C- hello?

M-hey mate can you come over? Mira passed out and I don't know what to do.

C- yeah sure. On my way.

M- thanks mate.

End call.

Ten minutes later the door bell rang. I get up and go get it thinking it's calum. I open the door and Mira's dad stands in front of me. Oh shit. "Hi sir. Why are you here?" I ask. "I need to see my daughter." He spoke. Fuck. "Uhh she's not here right now." I lie. "Okay well I'll just wait here till she gets back." He said. "She won't be back for another 3 hours." I lie. Then Calum comes running up. "Hey mate how's Mira doing? Did she wake up yet?" He asked. FUCKKKK. "You just said that Mira wasn't here. What's going on?" Her dad asked. He pushed me out of the way and headed to the living room. "What the fuck man?" I whispered as I hit calum on the head. "Sorry I didn't know." He responded. We walk into the living room and see Mira and her dad talking. "Mira it's the law. You have to come live with me." He said. "No. No I'm not going to live with you. Not in a billion years. I wouldn't even live with you if someone payed me a million dollars. You're not my father. Just leave." She said fiercely. "Mira please-" she cut him off. "I SAID GO!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" She yelled at him. "That is not how you talk to me young lady!!" He shouted at her. Then he did the most crucial thing a man can do. He hit Mira in the face very, very hard. "HEY GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!" I yell and drag him out of the house and lock the door. I rush back into the living room. "Mate we have to get her to a hospital." Calum said. "But she's been there a lot. Can't we just calla doctor?" I ask. "Okay fine I'll go call a doctor." He said. I sat down next to Mira. "M-Mikey. There's a-a-a lot of b-blood." She stuttered. "Shhh baby it's okay. Calum is on the phone with the doctor." I said. "Mikey why didn't you punch him?" She asked. "I would've killed him. I'm surprised I held myself back." I said in a serious tone."okay the doctor is on his way." Calum said. We all talked about what happened and cleaned up Mira's nose. Then the door bell rang, again. I get up and open the door. "Hi Mr. Hood. We talked on the phone. I'm here to see Mira McNeal." The doctor said. "Oh I'm not Calum -- I mean Mr. Hood. My name is Michael and I'm Mira's boyfriend." I said. He just looked at me and went in the house. How rude. I shut the door and went in the living room. "Well Mira. It seems to me that you broke your nose. Now tell me what happened." He said. We all looked at each other. "Well I was running and there was a branch that I didn't see and I fell and hit my nose on the pavement." She said. "Is that how you got all those bruises?" He asked. She shook head yes. "Okay well I'm going to prescribe you some pain meds. The medicine I have you while wear off in about 2hours, but once it wears off the pain is going to be unbearable, so take these pills twice a day for one week and you should be fine." He said and got up and left. We all let out a breathe that we didn't know we were holding. "So what now?" Mira asked. "Well now you need some sleep while calum and I go fill your prescription." I said. She nodded her head and I kissed her before we left.

*Melissas' POV*

"So can you tell me where we're going?" I asked luke. "No not yet." He said. I groaned in frustration. "Okay. We're here." He said. I got out of the car and looked around. We were at some French restaurant. "They're food is amazing." He said. We walked hand in hand into the restaurant. "Hi reservation for two." He said. "Right this way Mr. Hemmings." The lady said. She kept eyeing luke and I didn't like that. I squeezed his hand tighter. "Here you go." She said and put two menus in front of us. "Your waitress will be right with you." She said. A waitress? Why not a waiter? I look around and notice that all the workers here are women. "Luke.. Why are all the workers women?" I asked. "I don't know." He said while looking at the menu. I shrugged it off and decided what I wanted. "Hi. My name is Sophia. I'll be your waitress tonight. Is there anything I can get you to drink?" She asked. "Um I'll have a water." Luke said. "I'll have a sweet tea." I said. She jotted it down and nodded her head and walked away. I looked over at luke and he was watching her as she walked away. I just ignored it and started talking to him. "So why did you bring me here?" I asked. "There's something I need to tell you." Luke said. "Okay what is it?" I asked in a worried tone. "We're going on tour." He said. "Oh my gosh! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you guys! When are y'all leaving?" I asked. "Inthreedays." He said really fast. "I'm sorry I couldn't understand you." I said even though I knew exactly what he said. "In three days." He said again. "O-oh that's nice." I said softly. "I'm sorry Melissa." He said. "No no it's fine. I'm just gonna go to the ladies room." I said and got up. I walked in and went into the last stall. Then I hear the door open. "Ugh that date that luke Hemmings brought is sooo ugly." I heard a girl say. "I know right. She looks like a truck ran over her." The other girl said and they started laughing. Then they walked out. Why does everyone say that? I don't understand. Am I not good enough? I just shrugged it off and went back to the table. I look over and see luke and the waitress.... Kissing? KISSING!!! "LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" I yelled. They pulled away and he looked at me. "Melissa it's not what it looks like. It was an accident!" He said. "I can't believe you luke." I said with tears in my eyes. Then I dumped the water and sweet tea all over him. I called a cab and went to Mira's house. When I got there she was asleep and alone in the house. A few minutes later Michael and Calum walked in. "Oh hey Melissa." They said. "Hey guys." I said. My voice was still hoarse and my eyes were still wet from tears. "What happened?" Calum asked. "Luke cheated. Right in front of me." I said and started to cry again. "I'm so sorry Melissa." Calum said. "Why is Mira asleep? And why is her nose red?" I asked. They both looked at each other. Michael told me everything and in that moment I broke down. I didn't shrug anything off. I let it sink in and destroy me.

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