Wherever You Are (Ashton Irwin)

In high school me and Ashton Irwin dated. We loved each other. We were in love. Then, out of the blue he stopped talking to me. A rumor was going around school that I had dumped him. I tried to contact him but he ignored me, even blocked my number. He was my first love, and I was his. Now it's 2014 and Ashton is a famous drummer. He still has my heart and I'm determined to win his back.


5. Chapter 3: Searching

Chapter 3: Searching

Christina POV

Great. Just fucking great. I walking, and see that Cynthia is half naked and Aston's shirt is unbuttoned. This was just the highlight of my day. I run down the hall. Its almost like I'm running away from the pain. The pain that seems like it's caused by the same person each time. I shake my head. I keep running until I reach a room with a lock. I gently turn the lock, hearing a faint "pop". Exhausted, I slide down the door. Without wanting to, I burst into tears, sobbing. My head in my hands, my chest heaving as the loud sobs fill the empty room. I'm sure they can hear them outside, the way to the studio. I take deep breaths, trying to calm down but it doesn't work. I give up and just lay there, curled up, my slender arms wrapped securely around my knees. My tears were streaming down my face. God, I feel so pathetic. Crying, yet again, because of the same guy. Maybe I should just hear him out? Yeah, maybe it was Cynthia. But, wouldn't he have ran out if he didn't want to do anything? He is much stronger than her so he could easily push her off. But, Ash isn't the aggressive type. Ugh, I just don't know what to do anymore.

So many thoughts were going through my head. it was hard to just think. Finally, I closed my eyes, and relaxed every muscle in my body. I felt better but still horrible. I take a huge breath and stood up, stretching. Walking toward the door, I realize my stilettos were still on my feet and y skirt was lopsided. I sigh, fixing the skirt. I leave the heels on, not wanting to walk bare footed across the floor. I slowly open the door, 3 heads snap up to look at me. Not one of them was Ashton's. But, instead were his bandmates. They all ran toward me. I put my hands up, not knowing what they were going to do. They skidded to a stop right in front of me.

"Christina?" One of them asked.

"Y-Yes.... Who's asking?"

"I'm Michael. This is Calum, and Luke. Do you know where Ashton went?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"..No.." They all looked genuinely worried about Ash. "Why? did he run out?"

"He said something about messing up again. Then he fled. We have no idea where he could of went.." An idea came to mind, but I dismissed it for the time being.

"Ok, well we'll split up. We'll go to different parts of Sydney. Here's my number, text us if anyone finds him, okay?" They nodded. "okay. Let's go, follow me." We went to the back and went outside. I told them where to spread out at, knowing where I was going. They all agreed, and we split up. Flashbacks were coming back, memories when me and Ash weren't together and i really liked him.


I didn't get in... I can't believe it. I didn't get in the drama club. I loved acting and singing, even though I was rubbish. And the worst part was my crush, Ashton Irwin, was right there. He saw how devastated I was for my name not getting called. He saw the tears build up in my eyes. God, i'm so pathetic! Well, at least I'm going somewhere safe. Safe from the outside world. My tree house. I always went here as a kid when I got mad or upset. And I still go here, even in high school. It was filled with good memories. Not with my parents, but with my grandparents. I think that's why it's so special to me. My grandparents were there for me all my life. Way more than my actual parents were. They both died in a tragic car accident when I was 8. It was horrible, I was a wreck. And so, every time I'm upset I go here.

As I climb into the wooden house, I hear footsteps. I tense and slowly look out. It was Ashton. He climbed in the treehouse like he did it every day. I face him and he looks in my eyes.

"Are you okay? I know you really wanted that spot." I was speechless.

"...Y-Yes..." I whispered. Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me. I was beyond surprised. This was the first time I've ever kissed Ash. And, I got to admit, it was amazing!

So, after the kiss we sat in my treehouse and talked. I told him everything about why I go here.

Every time he got upset, he would go the treehouse and we would cuddle and talk.


I shake the memories off and start for the treehouse, knowing exactly where it was. Walking there would take ages. I grabbed my keys and climbed in my car.

~Skip car ride~

I pull up on the green grass and get out. About 100 yards in front of the tree. start walking. Then the walking turns into jogging. And finally, I'm there. I'm staring at the stairs of the house. I climb in and am relieved to see the adorable, green-eyed boy, sitting there sleeping. He had tear stained cheeks and I felt so guilty for putting him through this. I take a seat next to him, snuggling into his side. I feel his arm wrap around my shoulders. I look up to see him already looking at me. He smiled and kissed me. I kissed back. Then, we stayed like that for a couple hours. After the 3rd hour we finally fell asleep. In each other's arms.

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