The Daughter of Poseidon

This is the diary of the Daughter of Poseidon, Rhianna Watson. After she discovers that she is a Half-Blood, its only a matter of time before she realizes who her half-siblings are. It's also only a matter of time before They sense it too.......
This is book #1 of the Olympian Sons and Daughters series


4. Sister's Letter

Dear Rhianna,

 I'm your sister, Lydia! I'm so excited to meet you. When Dad told me in an Iris Message that you were coming, I couldn't believe my ears! I've always wanted a sister, and to think I actually have one... That's just... Wow... Anyway, if you need anything upon arriving at Camp Half-Blood, just let me know! ☺

With love,

Lydia Jackson

Your Half-Sister

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