My Heroes


2. The morning of the Concert

*Skip to the day of the concert*


I wake up to the sound of my alarm.I turn it off and jump out of bed.Normally I wouldn't be so excited to wake up,but today it's different.Today is the day I've been waiting for forever.Well,I mean,it seems like it's been that long.

I run to my bathroom and start getting ready.I have 10 hours till the concert but I just can't wait.I start running the water for a shower when I hear a loud knock on my door.

"Come in"I yell.My dad flings the door open."I'm going to work.Don't do anything stupid or I'll have to beat your ass.You got it?"He said in a grumpy voice."Ok"I replied calmly,even though inside I was scared to death.

He started to walk out of the room."Wait"I stopped him."What the hell do you want?"."I just wanted to remind you that the concert is tonight"I said shyly."Ok,whatever.Just be home by 12:00".He slammed my door.I looked out the window and watched him drive off to work.

I took a hot satisfying shower,then dried my long brown hair.I put on my makeup and straightened my hair.Its naturally curly so it always takes forever to straighten it.

After I finally forced my hair straight,I picked out an outfit.It took about 30 minuets to pick out the perfect outfit.I found a jacked to wear to cover up all of my cuts and bruises on my arms.Even though it was in the middle of summer and I would probably sweat my ass of in that jacket,I couldn't let anybody see my arms.I looked in the mirror and smiled,I actually felt pretty for the first time and a long time.

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