The boy I hate (niam)


1. chapter 1

Nialls pov: "Niall get up youre gonna be late!" I heard my mom yelling from downstairs on her way out the door. Ever since my dad died 2 years ago shes been working her ass off trying to get the family back on track. Its just me and her since my brother Greg moved out. "Im up calm down!" I slugged out of bed and threw on my polo and black skinny jeans with white high tops. I gelled my hair up and flashed a smile into the mirror. I looked nice. I knew as soon as i got to school id feel like crap but right now i looked good. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and ran out to the bus stop. When I got to school I opened my locker and started gathering my books when I heard his voice. "Hey fag how ya doin?" I shut my locker gathering my stuff trying to ignore him."Yo gaylord Im talking to you!" He pushed me back causing my face to get slammed into the lockers. I lifted my head wiping a small bit of blood from my mouth. "What do you want Liam?" "Oh nothing I just love watching you wiggle like a dying worm." That comment made his little minions Zayn Malik and Josh Devine chuckle like the little devils they are. I rolled my eyes and picked up my books. And shoved them back into my back back earning myself a kick in the gut. I groaned with pain as I got another kick. I held my stomach in pain while rocking back and forth.

I heard the bell ring as i struggled to my feet putting my hand in my gut. In class Mrs. Stein said we were doing a partner project. I was hoping to get my best friend Louis but when she picked out the partbers Louis got my other friend Harry, Josh and Zayn, Kate and jannette etc. Finally she announced it....."Liam and ....Ah...Niall." My eyes widened "What I am not working with Captain rainbow!" "Mr Payne that is not classroom talk!" "I dont care I am NOT doing a project with that faggot!" "Mr Payne ho to the office now!" He stomped out of the class in a huff of anger and I let my head stay down. After class I race walked to my locker avoiding eye contact with people. "Hey king gay." Liam was behind me but without his goons. "I figured after school today i could go to your house then tomorrow its mine." That okay with you?" I just nodded "Dont you ever talk?" I shrugged. "Weird ass. Whatever meet me outside." After 8 more periods i walked outside with my bag to see Liam talking to a bunch of sluts next to his black corvet. Everyone knew how rich the Paynes were. Without saying anything I hopped into the passanger seat and immediantly heard the girls whispering mean slurrs about me. I looked down and put my headphones in barley even noticing Liam get in next to me. He tapped me out of my thoughts by tapping me and asking "where do you live?" I pointed to my street and then to my small country house. Liam gave me a weird look and rolled his eyes at my house. There was a note in the door Hey love im working late ill be home by 10 love mum xx. I sighed knowing that id be home alone again. Liam walked in with me and just....stood there..."Just...throw your stuff anywhere." I walked upstairs with him following close behind. I walked into my room and opened my laptop allowing him to sit on my beanbag. My background was the last picture of me and my dad taken. "Whis that your boyfriend?" Liam said chuckling evily. "No...its my dad...he died 2 years ago." "Oh...." I could feel the awkward in the air. "So umm....I think our report should be on world war 2." I suggested my favorite history topic "Thats lame....and so are you." I hated him so much. "Look why are you so mean to me?" "Look Niall I just...." "No Liam why!" Liam then jumped off the beanbag and smashed his lips into mine. We began moving in sync as he bit my lower lip causing my hips to buck and me to gasp with pleasure. Just as it got heated he ripped us apart. "Fag..."He said as he left my room and walked down the stairs about to leave....

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