2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


3. Two.



Chapter Two:






(Friday Afternoon) 


I was thrown on the couch staring at the television with James, who was more engrossed on his phone than on the show that he was supposed to be watching. We were (yes, both of us) waiting for Alex to come back from school, so that we could head over to the Introduction (or was it Induction?) Camp.


I had just arrived from buying the school supplies and the uniform (cause yes, I have to wear uniform again) for my new school year (which was somehow stupid as I have already finished high school). I wasn’t upset for wearing a uniform, as this one is way better than the one I used to have back home, and buying school supplies always made me happy (weird, I know, but just leave me alone).



“What are you doing James?” I questioned. “I don’t see you paying much attention to the television.” I commented and James nodded. “Means you wouldn’t mind if I change the channels?”

“I know, but I would mind.” He replied. “I am searching for a movie to see whilst we wait for Alex to come back home.” I shrugged. “Quick question how was the school stuff?”

“It was alright.” I replied. “I find it ironic that I have to use uniform once again.” I shrugged. “Apart from that, it wasn’t so bad.”

“Funny how you have to go back to high school when you are already done right?” James chuckled and I rolled my eyes. “Why don’t you look for a scholarship here?” James questioned. “I mean if you want, you could apply, and you just have to make sure that your marks are beyond great here.”

I thought for a few seconds. “It’s not a bad idea you know.” I smiled. “I might do that.” James nodded and I turned to face the television.

“Oh, one more thing.” James got my attention. “Television, short word for it is telly, everyone is going to understand it.” I chuckled and nodded. Gotta learn the slang.



Alex came home a few minutes later with some other random dude, scratch that, with some random mate. I frowned as they both threw their backpacks next to the door and ran up the stairs. James rolled his eyes and kept on playing on his phone. I sighed and took out my phone and started typing away an email for my family back home, meaning that we have 17 hours of difference, it’s around 3 pm here so that means that it is around 11 pm (from yesterday) back home.



“I am telling you Damien,” Alex’s voice flew. “This camp is going to be epic.”

“I highly doubt it Alex.” Damien (he was the other voice) argued. “Most of the people who came are from Europe or Asia.” He sighed. “I thought we were going to have more Latinos so that we could party hard.”

“Trust me,” Alex started. “It’s going to be epic.”

“Why are you so sure?” Damien questioned. “I know that you guys have a girl and all, but does she really know English?”

“Cat!” I heard Alex shout. “Come up here please!”



I sighed and got up from the couch, not before sending the email to my family. I slowly made my way towards the stairs and walked up to Alex, whom I suppose was in his bedroom. James had already told me that Damien was Alex’s best friend and that he basically lived here, just like Tucker, his own best friend.



“Yeah?” I questioned as I appeared on his doorway. “You called?”

“Yeah,” Alex smirked. “I want you to meet Damien, my best friend.”

“Hello Damien.” I smile stretching my hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Damien, meet Cat, my new sister.” Alex sent a wink to over to me.

“Hello Cat.” Damien shook my hand. “Do you really know how to speak, or you rehearsed this with Alex?”

“I do know how.” I rolled my eyes. “I studied English since I turned two.” I gave a cheeky smile. “So you can stop pronouncing clearly every word you speak.” I added with an eye roll. “Do you need me or can I?”

“We’ll be down in a second.” Alex patted my head. “Tell James to put your stuff in the car.” I nodded and skipped out of Alex’s room.



I twirled and hummed along to ‘Yellow’ as I walked back to the living room. Even though I had just spend half a day with the Walker’s, I knew that this family was going to stay with me forever. I danced and sang softly (cause I am a terrible singer) and plopped myself down on the couch of the living room where James was now waiting for everyone.


“Yellow?” He questioned and I nodded with a smile. “You like Coldplay?” I nodded with a huge smile. “It seems that you have a great taste in music.”

I rolled my eyes with a smile. “Each person has a different perception in their music taste, we might share, but we will never agree in totality.” I pointed out. “Oh, Alex said to put my bag on the trunk, he was supposed to be down in a ‘few seconds’.” I mocked.

“Sure.” James rolled his eyes. “Good point by the way.” He added as he walked towards the lobby.


I nodded even when he couldn’t see, but who would care. I grabbed the remote and started flipping channels until I found a football match (soccer for Americans), the teams playing were Manchester United and Liverpool, and believe it or not, I am a huge fan of MU hence the reason why I actually sat up properly, turning the volume a bit louder.



“Damn it James, why aren’t you taking the things to the car-” Alex stopped right in front of the telly and me.

“What?” I questioned. “I’m trying to watch a game.”

“You watch football?” Damien questioned and I turned to face him. “Or do you call it soccer?”

“It’s football,” I answered. “And yes I do watch football. I know we are supposed to leave and everything, but you see, Van Persie is about to score a penalty.” I motioned to the screen.

“I like you Cat.” Damien chuckled as he sat down next to me.

“I told you she is awesome.” Alex smiled as he sat down as well.





I laughed as I ran away from John, the German kid who was tag at the moment. After introducing ourselves to the people of the camp, we decided to play some games, well, those who wanted of course, so we ended up playing tag.


There were only two girls playing, Annie a Swiss girl, and myself, the rest of the girls decided that they wanted to cook so they left with George (Camp dude) to the kitchen. In this camp there were only five girls, three Italians, Annie and myself, and the other ten were boys, two from German, five from Asia (I don’t exactly remember from where…), and three Italians.


“I surrender!” John shouted and we all collapsed on the floor laughing. “Ich bin tot!” He added and I rolled my eyes, of course he was going to be dead, we have been running for the past hour.

“I think we should take a break.” Damien spoke. “Let’s get some water and then we can relax watching movies.”

I frowned and stared at the rest of the people next to me. “Alles verstanden?” I questioned and people nodded. “Then why don’t we move?” I laughed as I stood up.



Everyone started to get up from the grass and they all gathered in groups walking back to the house. I stayed behind for a little while until Alex and Damien were both at my side. I rolled my eyes as they both made a chair with their arms so that I could sit with them. 


Let the adventure begin! 




Hello there lovelies! I updated again! :) Once again, Ashton won't appear until like chapter five or so, so please give the story a try without having him since the beginning.... thanks for reading the story! Sorry for asking, but for next update, one favourite and one more comment! 

I love you all! 


ps. don't forget I'm still missing two characters! 


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