2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


13. Twelve.




Chapter Twelve:


I Couldn't Leave Without Saying Goodbye




(Lazy Friday Afternoon)



I stared at Syd, Aly and Fay; the three of them had come over to the beach house so that we could have a fun weekend before the test week started on Wednesday. Alex was with Damien, Tucker and James, playing some Mario Karts, whilst we tried to figure out what to do.



“We could just chill outside by the pool.” I spoke as I stood up and stretched. “But we need to do some grocery shopping, cause I’m pretty sure that the boys ate all the junk food yesterday.”


“Chill by the pool,” Aly licked her lips. “I like that idea.”


“But do we really want to go grocery shopping?” Fay whined. “You know that is boring.”


“It is boring when you do it with your mum,” I pointed out. “You are going with your three best friends, it will be fun, believe me.”


“Why isn’t lover boy here?” Aly questioned as she helped Sydney.


“What do you mean?” I furrowed my eyebrows. “He is at his house, babysitting his little brother.”


“And he isn’t going to make a party this weekend?” Sydney questioned. “The one weekend we are here, he doesn’t prepare a party?”


“He’s leaving later today.” I shrugged. “Visiting his grandfather or some relatives, I don’t really know.”


“He didn’t tell you what he was going to do this weekend?” Aly questioned. “I’m sure that Ashton tells you when he goes to the bathroom.”


I rolled my eyes with a scuff. “You guys are blowing everything out of proportion.” I walked towards the door. “He knew that you were coming this weekend, and since last week he told me that he wasn’t going to be here.”


“Are you a couple yet?” Fay questioned. “Because I want to know all the details.”


“No,” I rolled my eyes. “You guys are insane.” I chuckled. “Let’s go.”



We all ran down the stairs making sure to make as much mess as we could so that the boys learned that they weren’t alone. There was no point in doing that, because Momma Walker had already told them to make sure that we are safe (from them). We shouted, trying to explain to them, that we were going to go out and buy some food and then we would be using the pool, so they weren’t allowed to bother us for the rest of the day, and they replied (I think) and if not, well we don’t really care.





I took a sip from my lemonade as I stared at the girls playing with Damien and Alex. James was near the grill, trying to start the fire so that we could cook our dinner, as both Momma and Poppa Walker had some fancy dinner with I have no idea who, and couldn’t bring kids, because we are embarrassing (so not true, it’s just adults).



“Hello there my dearest Catalina.” Tucker spoke as he sat next to me. “Why aren’t you out there playing with the ladies?”


“I don’t know.” I chuckled. “I’m a bit tired and sore from the practice this week, I just want to rest and playing pool volleyball isn’t a way to rest.”


“Yeah, James told me that you had like a whole week game.” Tucker chuckled and I nodded. “He also says that you play incredible well.” I shrugged. “You know, my father is in charge of scholarships at Uni, if you wish to apply, I think he can help you out.”


 “Really?” I turned to him. “You think he could help me out with the application?”


“Sure, that of course if you are interested in staying here after all.” Tucker smirked.


“Of course I want to stay here.” I smiled. “There is though, one problem.” Tucker furrowed his eyebrows. “I have to go back to Honduras when my exchange is over, and if I want to come and study here, I have, but I have to have a full scholarship because we can’t afford an university here.” I sighed. “I also have to find a job and does Uni have dorms? Of course they do right?”


Tucker let out a laugh. “Of course it’s going to be a full scholarship.” He gave me a sweet smile. “Cat, you are not only an excellent player in many sports, I’ve seen your school work, you are great at school too, so you have an advantage.” I blushed and he grabbed my hand. “I’ll ask my dad what you need to have in order to apply, and I’ll talk to him about you.”


“Thank you Tucker.” I smiled at him. “You’re a nice guy after all.” I chuckled.


“Hey! You are starting to like me!” Tucker exclaimed. “Now, I just have to take you on a date and make sure you fall in love with me and not with Ashton.”


I laughed and splashed him. “TUCKER GET YOUR ARSE OVER HERE AND HELP ME OUT WITH THE GRILL!” James shouted before I could even comment anything.


“Seems like your brother needs me.” Tucker winked and walked away.



I stood up from the pool and dried my legs before I decided to change into some shorts and a shirt for the barbecue we were going to have. Tucker had just told me great news, I did want to stay here in Australia for the rest of my life, with these people as my friends, I know that there is never going to be a moment in which I want to go back home. Now, I do miss my family from back home, but I have another family here and I love it.


As I walked inside the house, I saw Ashton placing some suitcases inside the car. I smiled as he picked up his little brother and twirled around with him. Even though I keep telling myself that there is no way that Ashton will like someone like me, I can’t help but to fall for him, liking him more each time I spend with him.


Licking my lips I ran towards my room and got dressed, trying to be quick to help out James with the food, as I was pretty sure that Tucker would try to eat it before it was even ready. As I climbed down the stairs, there was a knock at the door.



“Who?” I frowned as I walked towards the door.




“Hey.” I smiled as I opened the door.


“Hi Cata.” He smiled. “How are you?”


“A bit tired. What about you? I thought you were leaving.”


“I’m good, thanks.” He blushed. “Yeah, I um,” He licked his lips. (He’s nervous, that’s so cute) “I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.”


I furrowed my eyebrows confused. “The guys are on the back.” I pointed out.


“I don’t want to say goodbye of them,” He chuckled. “Just you.”


“Oh.” I mouthed. “That’s nice.” I stuttered. “When are you coming back?”


“Next Thursday.” I nodded. “There is going to be a huge party Saturday, a five sauce party, and we need your help.”


“Sure.” I beamed and a car honked. “I think they are waiting for you.”


“Yeah,” He chuckled. “I’ll see you Thursday.” He added as he embraced me in a hug.


“Don’t miss me much.” I chuckled as I kissed his cheek.


“I always miss you.” He whispered as he walked away. 


Once again I apologize for taking so long in updating... Don't really have an excuse, I just hope that you still like the story. Love you :* 


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