2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


4. Three.



Chapter Three: 


The Best Friend



(Monday, First School Day)



I rolled my eyes as I stared at myself on the mirror. This was just so ridiculous, not the uniform, but the fact that even in another continent I have to wake up at five am to get ready because school is an hour away from us. I rubbed my eye as I walked back to my bathroom to brush my teeth and find out what I was going to do with my hair.


I am more than nervous, and I hate being nervous, I mean, I kind of got used to the fact that I get nervous a lot because I get nervous when I meet new people…. A lot of nervous don’t you think? Either way, the point is that I am not really good when it come to being in the spotlight and meeting new people, what made this better was the fact that Alex is with me in all of my classes.



“You ready Cat?” Alex knocked at my door. “Cat?”

“Bathroom.” I poked my head out. “I’m just gonna tie my hair up.” I sighed. “I’m so nervous.”

Alex chuckled. “Don’t worry Cat. Everything will be fine, you’ll have me there, Damien is also there and a lot of people want to meet you.”

“Is Damien with the same schedule?” I questioned as I walked out of the bathroom.

“Yep.” Alex nodded. “Ready?” I grabbed my backpack and nodded. “Your skirt is longer than I’m used to see.”

I rolled my eyes with a chuckle. “This is way shorter than my last uniform.” I commented. “This uniform is way better.”

“Okay?” Alex laughed. “Whatever you say.” He added. “James is taking us to school today, as mom and dad left for a trip.” I nodded. “Let’s go, we have some Aussies to prank.”





Taking a deep breath and ignoring Alex’s look, I finally took a step inside the school grounds. To be sincere the school looked majestic, not Hogwarts majestic, but umm, normal majestic. Everyone was either talking or playing or even studying, this looked like the school I had always wanted to attend.


I followed Alex like a lost puppy, until we met with Damien by the lockers, turns out that our three lockers are next to each other. We talked a bit before we all three head over to class, apparently we had English as first period, and the English teacher Mr Parker didn’t really like exchange students, because they were not that good at English, I just hope he thinks I’m good enough.


Once we entered the classroom, I took the seat right behind Damien and next to Alex, as it was the only left empty seat in the whole classroom. That wasn’t the only reason I loved the seat, but apart from being close to the people I know, it kept me away from everyone who was staring at me as I were some sort of alien or such, everyone was whispering about me, but no one dared to come near me… Fun Fact: No one knew that I understood everything they were saying, so thank you for saying that I am pretty.


“Good morning class.” A strong voice caught my attention. “I heard that we have a new exchange student today with us.” He looked around. “Would the student please come up front and present him or herself.”

I took in a deep breath before standing up and walking up to the front. “Good morning sir.” I smiled politely. “Umm, hello.” I waved and everyone stared at me. “My name is Catalina Estrada, I am from Honduras, Central America.” I turned towards the teacher. “What else should I say?”

He frowned at me. “You’re not from the US?” I shook my head. “How come you have a perfect accent?”

I smirked. “I started learning English since I was two.” I replied. “I was in a bilingual school.”

“Do you know any other languages?” He questioned and I nodded.

“Apart from Spanish and English, I also speak German, French and Dutch.”  I fidget with my fingers. “Uh, I like to read and play sports.” I nodded. “That’s bout it. Unless of course you have more questions.”

“No more.” Mr Parker stared at me and I smiled walking back to my seat.


Due to the smile that both Damien and Alex shot at me, I believe that I did all right and that maybe Mr Parker isn’t going to be a pain in the arse. I sat back at my desk and stared at the board, only to find Mr Parker staring at me…


The rest of my classes weren’t so bad; some of the kids already knew that I spoke ‘perfect’ English, but not all the teachers so it was always fun to see their faces when I presented myself. So, if you are interested, my schedule goes: English, Math, Physics, Break, Chemistry, History, Biology, Lunch, Sociology, and Psychology, not the best, but it’s okay.


When we had our first break, Damien and Alex introduced me to the rest of their gang, whom we share a couple of classes, and we spent some time talking about how I should go out with them so that I learn about the ‘cool’ places that Sydney has for me.  I think they just wanted to flirt with me…



“So you are telling me that the psychology teacher is not here?” I questioned Alex as we walked towards the gym.

“Exactly.” He replied. “He comes until next week.” I nodded. “Would you like to play some volleyball? I know you used to play.”

“Sure!” I beamed. “It’s been so long that I have played.” I laughed.

“You are wearing a skirt Cat.” Damien commented. “Do you really play a sport where everyone can see your panties?”

“I always wear a short underneath my skirts and dresses,” I winked. “To prevent pervs.”

“You are ruining the life of pervs.” Damien laughed.

“That’s the point.” I stated.


We walked into the gym and the volleyball court was set, although there were a couple of girls playing. Damien told me that those were a couple of the girls from the team, and that the girl with brown eyes and hair, Sydney, is Alex’s crush. Alex smacked Damien because of that, but it made me laugh, the girl was gorgeous and seemed nice.


“Oi Syd!” Alex exclaimed. “Do you think that Cat could join?”

“Hey Alex.” Sydney smiled. “Of course! But I think that you and Damien should join as well, that way we have two complete teams.”

“Sure.” Alex smiled and winked, causing Sydney to blush.


I turned out that I had to be in Sydney’s team, meaning that I was against Alex and Damien, so I had to talk to someone, and that someone turned out to be Sydney as she seemed the nicest of everyone.


“You know how to play?” Sydney questioned.

“Yeah.” I replied. “I used to play middle blocker.” I added. “What do you play?”

“Opposite.” Sydney smiled. “You know, our middle blocker just left school, so if you want you can join the team, being that.”

“What? You haven’t even seen me play. I’m not that good.” I spoke. “I haven’t played in months.”

“You said that you didn’t speak fluent English and we both know how much of a lie that is.” Sydney joked and I rolled my eyes. “Just play, and we’ll see after it.”


I was playing in my usual spot and it came back to me. It turns out that I might be a bit good, or the guys suck cause we won 2 sets none. It was the best game I’ve had in a while, and even though I didn’t know the people, they already treated me like if I were part of the team. We played for the whole class and after we finished I was thrown on the floor next to Damien and Alex and Sydney were sitting across from us.


“Ms Estrada right?” A male voice caught my attention. I sat up and saw the gym teacher staring at me.

“Yes sir.” I replied. “Catalina Estrada.”

“Hey kid.” He smiled. “I’m Mr Green, and I’m the coach of the Volleyball team.” I nodded. “I couldn’t help but notice how well you play.”

Sydney smiled at me. “I told her about the free spot sir,” She started. “That’s her position.”

“Well, isn’t that convenient?” He smiled. “What do you think? Want to be part of the team?”

I stared at Alex and he nodded at me. I should take every chance right? “Sure.” I smiled. “Why not?”

“Perfect.” Mr Green smiled. “Sydney will fill you in in everything.” He added and left.

“Woohoo!” Sydney smiled at me. “We are so going to be best friends!” She added and I laughed. We are so going to be best friends.





Sorry it took me like forever to update... But I have been busy with University and next week I'm starting tests, meaning that I should be studying, but who am I kidding, I don't study... Either way, here is another chapter! :) Hope you guys like it! Next chapter, I am sure (I think) Ashton will be MENTIONED, and he will appear in chapter five, so don't worry the beautiful assuies (cause yes all of them) will appear in chapter 5 :) Please share this story with your friends if you like it! :) I love you all! 


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