2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


14. Thirteen.



Chapter Thirteen:


Home Alone






I stare into the ocean as I kicked my legs back and forth. For the first time in two months and a half, I was left alone, and not in the farm, but at the beach house, and as the explorer I want to become (it’s one of my many childhood dreams) I decided to walk around the small town and see what I could find. It’s weird that I was left alone, but Alex had a football camp, and Tucker was stuck at Uni trying to finish a project, and Mom and Dad are out of town in some business, so I was thrown at the beach house. I’m not complaining if you are wondering, and my friends are not over because they all had some church camp or something like that, but I can bet that they left me alone so that I could hang out with Ashton… (Which hasn’t happened… yet)


Deciding that I had been contemplating the ocean far too long, I opted for a walk on the beach. There is something marvellous, about walking alone, in a place that relaxes everyone, and the place that particularly feels so close to home. Plugging in my headphones to my iPhone, I shuffled the songs, and started humming along as I walked near the water.


I had an issue, my parents (the real ones, that live in Honduras) say that it is okay if I want to stay and study here in Australia, the only problem is that they can’t afford me living here, so if I do stay, I have to find a way to get a full scholarship and a place to stay. Then, my other parents (Momma and Papa Walker) told me that I could stay with them if I got the scholarship here, and so when I told that to my Honduran parents, they said that they weren’t so sure… And that is the issue, what will I do.



“Holy fudge!” I shouted as I tripped over something and landed on the water. “What the fork?” I shook my head before wiping my face with my hands. “Oh.” I mouthed. “But look at you buddy, you are so cute!” I cooed as I stared at the small Husky. “Are you lost?” The little dog barked and wiggled his tail. “Come here buddy.” I smiled as I searched for a tag or something, there was nothing.


I let out a sigh as I stood up and dusted out my pants. “Well fella, it’s getting late and I need to get home.” I shrugged. “Are you coming with me?” The dog barked. “Okay, come on. I need to stop first by the house to change out of this wet cloth before searching for my food and yours.” I chuckled and began walking back home with a dog following me.



Once I got home, I opted for a shower because I was all salty due to the water, and let’s just say that my hair being salty isn’t good. Changing into black jeans, a white t-shirt and my red converse, I decided that it was time to search for food. I wanted to order some pizza, but now with Devil (yeah, I named him Devil) I had to get him some food and stuff for him. Though I think that I should ask Momma if I could keep it…



“Cata are you in?” Ashton’s voice flew as he opened the front door. “I got a text from Alex saying that you were home alone. You should really lock the door you know.”


“Aware.” I smiled as I entered the living room. “I was just trying to find a pet store near here.”


“What for?” Ashton questioned as Devil barked. “When did you get a dog?”


“I found it on the beach.” I shrugged. “Doesn’t seem to have an owner.”


“And you plan on keeping it?”


“If Momma lets me.” I sighed. “I should probably ask her before I go out and buy the stuff.”


“Send her a text.” Ashton chuckled. “It’s easier for her to say yes via a text. Trust me.”


I rolled my eyes, but either way did what he told me. “Join me in the search of food?”


“Anything to spend time with you.” Ashton winked and I blushed.





I threw some popcorn to Ashton as I laughed at his comment. The show that we were watching was somehow stupid, but we had found nothing on telly, and we were far too lazy to go downstairs to search for a movie. I took a sip from my drink and stared at Ashton. His eyes were focused on the screen, a small smile on his face showing off half a dimple, and his eyes, oh god, I had an obsession with them, and I could stare into forever…


“Cata?” Ashton chuckled snapping me out of my daydream. “Did you zone out?”


I blushed and hid my face. “Sorry.” I mumbled. “I was just thinking.”


“What about?”


You. “Uh, you know Uni and stuff.”


“You planning on staying?” I nodded. “Can’t afford it here?”


“Nope.” I sighed. “And the Walkers are letting me stay here, but my parents back home aren’t so sure about that.”


“Everything is going to be fine.” Ashton smiled. “If they don’t let you, maybe we can share a flat or something. We’ll find a way to keep you here.”


“Why do you want for me to stay here so bad?” I chuckled.


“Because,” Ashton scratched the back of his head before continuing. “You are an amazing friend, and I wouldn’t want to lose you.”


A smile crept into my face. “You will never lose me Ashton.” I kissed his cheek. “It doesn’t matter where on earth I am or you are, because you guys are going to become famous, I will always remember you, my super duper talented aussie friend.”  Ashton chuckled. “I just hope that you don’t forget about me when you are famous.” I winked.


“I will never forget you Cata.” Ashton turned the telly off. “How could I ever forget someone so beautiful, generous, caring and someone with so many qualities; someone who sees the world so different from what I do. Someone who doesn’t care about what people think, and always find a way to make everyone laugh.” I stared at him in shock. “How could I ever forget someone I think about everyday?” He blushed. “Cata, I know that it is soon, and maybe you don’t feel the same way, but, from the very first time that I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were different and special. Our first date, I was so mesmerized to find out that you are so perfect. Cata, I like you, and more than just a friend.” I stood up from the bed with my mouth hanging open. “I was wondering if you felt the same way.”


I swallowed but nodded. “Yes.” I added in a small whisper.


“So you don’t mind if we try to be more than just friends?” He questioned.


“I leave in January.” I whispered.


“I already told you.” Ashton grabbed my face. “I will never forget you.”


As Ashton was leaning in, I panicked, but before anything could happen. “I’M HOME CAT!” James shouted. 



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