2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


17. Sixteen.





Chapter Sixteen:

Hell Of A Party






I groaned in frustration as the guy on the counter stared at the design on his computer. I was about to jump inside the counter and do the job myself, even when I didn’t know what I was doing. The task was pretty simple, but I was now considering that maybe he wasn’t staring at the computer screen but rather at me.



“What are you staring at?” I snapped. “Could you please just give me the shirts?”


“You’re beautiful.” He sighed and I rolled my eyes.


“Listen here you pez payaso (clown fish),” I spat. “I will break your freaking nose if you don’t get on with the order of the shirts!” I shouted. “I have other things to do, and believe me when I say that ripping your balls isn’t one of them, but I might just end up doing.”


“Uh-” The kid gulped.


“Everything alright here?” Calum questioned as he joined me. “Are the shirts done mate?”


“They will be ready in five minutes.” He murmured as he started working and I rolled my eyes.


“Cal, could stay here? I need to get some other things for the decorations.” I explained.


“Remember the party is at the beach.” Calum raised an eyebrow.


“Oh, I know that.” I smirked and walked away.



This time, as Luke had explained, they had decided that to make an even bigger and more awesome party, they were going to do it at the beach. So we had to plan the whole party at the beach, with many different activities. The party started at 2, so that meant that we had to have everything ready before that time. We were going to have a bonfire, in which the guys were going to sing, and surfing contest, music and of course swimming. I had come up with the idea of having a scary story contest, that we might end up doing if people stayed after 1am for the party, and if not we were going to it between ourselves.


For the decoration we had agreed to keep it simple as it was going to be at the beach, but I wanted to make an entry banner. Before someone could enter the party, they would have to write in the banner, which would have the name of the party in black and then many colours for them to write their name and such. The guys didn’t really know about it, but I was going to surprise them.



I was looking for neon paint when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “What the heck mate?” I questioned.


“You’re American!” The guy behind me exclaimed and I raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to scare you, and I was just going to ask you if you needed help with something.”


I blinked twice. “Yeah, I umm, I need to find neon paint or glow in the dark paint.” I replied. “Do you know where can I find it?”


“What do you need that for?” The guy questioned as we walked to another aisle.


“For a banner.” I replied. “Why are you asking?”


“It’s weird for people to come and ask for that.” He shrugged. “Hey, are you going down to the party later today?”


I smirked. “The banner is for the party.” I replied. “I’m in charge of the decoration for the whole party.” I winked at him. “And who in his right mind would miss a five sauce party?” I questioned as I grabbed the paint. “Thanks for the help pal.” I added and walked away.



I walked over to the counter where Calum was still waiting for the shirts; he stared at me confused, but didn’t question the bag that I was carrying. We had decided that we were going to meet here, at the counter, and the other guys were still not here. I was staring at the other people that were at the mall when something caught my attention. I poked Calum and pointed at another counter, this one made bracelets.



“Don’t you think it will be awesome if we get five, five sauce bracelets?”


“I think that is a brilliant idea!” Calum chuckled.


“What is a brilliant idea?” Michael questioned as he joined us.


“Get bracelets for the five sauce team.” I replied.


“I’m in!” Michael smiled. “What will the design be?”


“The logo and five sauce team?” I questioned with a shrug.


“Sounds good.” Calum agreed. “You gonna do it?”


“Yeah, wait for me here.” I spoke. “If the rest come, just tell them that I went over to a store to check out something.”  I winked at the lads and sprinted towards the other counter.






I stared at the bathing suit that I was going to be wearing for the party. I could hear the girls laugh and scream inside my room. This time, I made sure that the lads invited them, because to be sincere, being with so many boys can be tiring sometimes. I had managed to convince the girls to let me use some overalls instead of a shirt, like seriously, I don’t do dresses, plus we had to be wearing the ‘staff’ shirt if we wanted certain privileges… 



“Are you done Cat?” Fay shouted.


“We still need to do your hair and makeup!” Syd added.


I groaned. “Why do you need to do that? It’s a beach party, plus I am part of the ‘Staff’ meaning that I will be moving a lot.” I complained as I walked into my bedroom.


“Holy macaroni and cheese!” Ally gushed. “I would die for a body like yours!”


“No wonder why Ashton loves you.” Fay winked.


“Girls.” I warned. “I’m going to let my hair down, and will apply nothing of make-up because it’s a beach party, in which we will be in the water.”


“Fine.” They all replied.


“But you have to tell us all the juicy details when Ashton kisses you.” Ally warned as I threw my shirt on.



I finished getting ready, as they all fixed their hair, claiming that they needed to look good at the beginning, because they don’t have a boy in love with them. I simply rolled my eyes at their argument and grabbed a pair of flip-flops that I knew I was going to misplace at the party.



To: 5Sauce Group Chat :)

From: 5Sauce Group Chat :)


Luke: Okay, are you three ready? We need to fix the entrance of the beach, and make sure that the donation box is secure.


Michael: I’m heading over to the beach right now. Are you there yet Luke?


Cat: I have a banner for the entrance and some paint for the perfect idea. I’ll be there as soon as Ashton says that he is ready. I’m leaving the girls with Alex and James.


Calum: I’m on my way…


Luke: What idea Cat?


Cat: You’ll see when I get there.


Ash: I’m knocking at your house in three seconds.


Cat: See you guys soon!



I waved at the girls and ran down the stairs to meet up with Ashton. I winked at Tucker, whom was still here for some unknown reason and grabbed the backpack that contained all the things that I needed for the decorating the party.






I smiled as I saw James walk towards the beach with his board, and how my friends were already on the water having a conversation with some guys. I was still at the entrance of the party (we were taking turns) making sure that everyone knew where the activities were. The party was going great, everyone seemed to have the time of their life, but I was really waiting for later tonight, after the guys sang, Ashton told me that he was going to take me to a cliff with the gang to stare at the ocean at night.



“Hello.” A voice brought me back to reality. “Is this the Five Seconds of Summer party?”


“Hello.” I replied with a smile to the man in a suit. “Yes this is. May I help you with something?”


“I’m here just to watch perform the band.” He replied. “Around what time will they perform?”


“At five.” I replied. “They will play for an hour.” I added. “Are you the guy from the discography?”


He frowned at me. “Who exactly are you?”


I licked my lips. “I’m part of the five sauce team.” I winked. “My name is Catalina, I’m friends with the band, and I help them out with the parties and decorations.”


“Cata?” He questioned and I nodded. “You prefer Cat?” I nodded once again.


“I’ve heard about you from the videos.” He added. “Okay then, I’ll come back at five.”


I ran my hand through my long hair, I should probably trim it, or maybe cut it off, with this heat it’s almost impossible to have it lose all the time, and having to be making a super high ponytail isn’t easy…


I stared at my phone, and it was barely 3:45pm, I had fifteen more minutes to be here and smile to every person who enter and listen to some random guy try to flirt with me. I heard Ashton laugh and I turned to it, he was with Ally and a smile came to my face, I was more than happy that my friends and my supposed-to-be-future-boyfriend are getting along.



“Hey Cat.” Luke smiled as he kissed my cheek. “Awesome job with the decoration.”


“Thanks.” I shrugged.


“Go on,” Luke motioned. “Go have fun.”


“Thanks again.” I chuckled and ran off to the party.







I laughed as Ashton was carrying me to the cliff with the rest of the gang following behind me. I was the only one without shoes, because just like I had predicted my flip-flops disappeared when it was time to introduce the band. The music was still blaring from the speakers back at the shore, and I was more than happy that I had brought my camera with me.


I had so many photos of the party, that I knew that I was going to have a lot of fun when I was explained them to my family.



“Cata.” Ashton whispered to my ear. “You look so beautiful today.” I blushed and hid my face on the crook of his neck. “Don’t hide love.”


“Stop making me blush.” I muttered.


“But I love when you look like that.” He added as he stood at the edge of the cliff.


“Holy cheese balls!” I exclaimed. “This place looks so beautiful and perfect.” I added trying to get off Ashton.


“Calum, grab her camera.” Ashton ordered and I gave my camera to Calum. “Snap a picture would ya?” I frowned but smiled and shook my head as my friends were making kissing faces. “Ready love?”


“You’re not even facing the camera.” I replied.


“Who says we are taking a picture with the view?”


“What kind of-” I was cut off as Ashton threw himself and me off the cliff. “ASHTON IRWIN!” I shouted before we touched the water.


“Cata!” I heard Ashton voice as I swam back to the surface.


“What the hell?” I chuckled. “That was so awesome.” I added as Ash wrapped his arms around me.


“I know.” He whispered pressing his forehead to mine. I sucked in a breath as I felt his breath on my face. “I love hearing you laugh and seeing that smile of yours, oh god Cata, you have no idea what you do to me.”


I licked my lips. “Ash.” I whispered closing my eyes waiting for the kiss.


“CANON BALL!” I heard Calum shout as I was suddenly turned around so that water didn’t splash me.


“What?” I frowned. Not again! It was the second time.


“Don’t worry princess.” Ashton whispered to my ear. “I will kiss you soon enough.” 









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