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7. Six.





Chapter Six:


Beach Date.



(Saturday, Date (?) with Ashton)


I stared at Alex pressing my lips together, ever since he figured out that Ashton had asked me to spend the day with him, he hadn’t stop teasing me. I mean, yes Ashton is basically a Greek God, but there is no way in this living earth that he will even glance at me to be more than just a friend. I am more than sure that he had asked me out cause I am the new girl and he is trying to be nice. I am positive about this.



“Cat,” Damien chuckled. (In case you are wondering, yes he stays with us at the house.) “Ashton doesn’t do nice things,” I raised an eyebrow. “Okay, that went out wrong.” He chuckled. “What I mean is that Ashton wouldn’t just ask you out because you are the new girl. He does it because you intrigue him, because you are different from what he expected, he did tell you that.”

“Get to the point Damien.” I sighed. “You’re saying that Ashton finds me interesting.” I shrugged. “I am the most boring person in this earth man.”

“Bloody hell Cat!” Alex exclaimed. “He likes you okay? He wants to get to you know because he likes you.” I raised an eyebrow and opened my mouth. “And before you deny it, he told me. Ashton came over to talk with me and questioned me if it was alright for him to hang out with you.”

“Alex,” I frowned. “He asked me to spend the day with him when we were on the kitchen.” I replied. “When did he even ask you if it was okay? What was he going to do if you told him no?”

“When you were talking with Luke and Michael.” Alex replied. “I’m sure that he would have still taken you out.” He grabbed the plates and walked over to the sink. “Go get ready, he’ll be here in any minute.”

“He doesn’t like me.” I spat as I hopped off the stool. “I’ll go and get ready, though.” I mumbled and ran up to my room.



Alex and Damien were wrong right? I mean, he barely met me yesterday before his party, and even when we spoke a lot whilst we prepared everything for the party, it doesn’t means that he likes me right? He can’t possibly like me from just knowing me for 12 hours (yeah, not exaggerating) right? It is impossible! Please someone tell me that it is impossible.



“And who are you pretty lady?” I heard a voice and I turned around to see a green eyes staring at me.

“Who are you?” I questioned crossing my arms over my chest. I might regret walking out of my room in only pjs as this dude; mate is scanning my whole body with eyes. “Ass, my eyes are up here.” I snapped and he chuckled. “Who the hell are you?” I questioned once again.

“Feisty,” He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. “The name is Tucker, you won’t forget it because you are going to be screaming it tonight.” I gagged in disgust. Who the hell is this guy?

“Tucker!” I heard James’ voice. “Stop scaring her!” He added as he came over to the hallway. “Sorry Cat,” James gave a small smile. “I see that you already met my best friend, Tucker George.”

“Quite the individual huh?” I chuckled. “I would love to stay and chat, but I need to get ready.” I shrugged.

“Where are you going?” James questioned with a smirk. “Do you have a date with a certain lad named Ashton?” He added with a chuckle.

“My, my,” Tucker sighed. “Already cheating babe.” He added with a wink and I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up Tucker.” I rolled my eyes. “He is only asking me out because I am new.” I pointed out.

“Where are you going?” Tucker questioned and James nodded his head.

“I don’t see how that concerns you.” I snapped at Tucker. “James, he is taking me to the beach.”

“Date.” James smirked and winked at me. “Go get ready then.” He added with a laugh at the face I pulled at him. “You need to look more gorgeous for your future boyfriend.”



I narrowed my eyes at him and turned around walking towards my room. I can’t believe that even James and his weird friend Tucker were saying the same thing as Alex and Damien. I can’t help but to think that they are right at some point, they are guys, so I rather think that they are right…






I smiled at Ashton as we walked silently towards the beach. If you ask me, I thought that we were going to head over to his house and then to the beach in front of it, but he claimed that he wanted to show me a better side. Don’t ask me.


He was wearing some swim trunks and a t-shirt, I had decided to wear the other bikini that Alex had bought me, with a white weird shirt and some shorts. I was trying to calm my breath and stare at the scenery to see if I could snap a picture of anything that I wanted to remember.



“You like photography?” Ashton questioned breaking the silence. “Or are you just taking pictures to remember the year?”

“A bit of both.” I replied with a smile. “I am not really good at taking pictures, but I do like it. Plus, I want to remember everything from this year.” I added with a smile. “I might not be able to come back here, so I need the pictures to feel like I am here.”

“That’s good.” He smiled. “Are you not planning on staying here?” He questioned and I shrugged. “How long have you’ve been here?”

“This is my second weekend.” I chuckled. “I still have 11 months to figure out how to stay here forever.” I added. “Because believe or not, in this two weeks, I’ve fallen in love with Australia.”

“That tends to happen Cata.” He agreed using the nickname that only he called me. “Do you know how to surf?” He questioned and I shook my head. “How about the next time you come, you let me know so that I can teach you.” He added. “Only if you want though.” He chuckled scratching the back of his neck.

“That sounds amazing Ashton.” I smiled at him. “I will tell Alex to let you know.” I added. “Cause I don’t have your number.” I added quietly.

“Oh no!” Ashton faked desperation. “I need your number now!” He stopped right in front of me with a goofy smile. “Here, take my phone and save yourself in my contacts as ‘Cata’ and I’ll do the same.”

I frowned with a small smile. “You are going to save yourself in my phone as ‘Cata’?” I chuckled.

“You know what I mean!” Ashton chuckled as he grabbed my phone.



I typed down my number and gave him the phone back. After that we kept walking in silence, and just like the first time, it wasn’t uncomfortable, even when I want to deny it, being with Ashton was relaxing, as if I knew him from always…



“You ready for this?” Ashton questioned and I tilted my head confused. “You’re about to see the most amazing view there is.” He added.

“Show it then.” I smiled at him.

“Welcome to my favourite spot!” Ashton exclaimed as he dragged me to a small hidden beach between some rocks.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “This is so breathtaking!” I added with a stupid grin.

“Just like you smile.” Ashton whispered as he stared out to the ocean. Was I meant to listen to that? 



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