2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


18. Seventeen.



Chapter Sixteen:

Lazy Day





I never thought that getting detention was going to be this cool… The funny story lays on how I got detention with Alex, and how we got grounded for the weekend because of it. I really never thought that I was going to end up in detention because of the small prank we decided to make. It didn’t hurt anyone, or anything; it was a mere simple and inoffensive prank.



“You guys are insane.” Ashton laughed as I shrugged staring at Alex. “That’s the reason you two are not over here at the beach house?”


“Yeah.” I chuckled. “Mom decided to punish us by leaving us alone here and taking our friends over to the beach house.”


“I still don’t understand want happened.” Ashton sighed, or at least it sounded like that through the video-chat.


“It was a simple prank!” Alex whined. “We just scared a teacher, that was all, and it wasn’t even our intention.”


“Well,” I licked my lips. “Maybe it wasn’t your intention, I was fully aware of the fact that he was going to be scared shitless.”


“You’re evil!” Ashton commented and I laughed.  “Tell me the story!”


I stared at Alex and he nodded. “Well, it started with the fact that I got pissed at Damien, he was just being a bit too much Damien, and I am dead tired.” I let out a sigh. “So, I told Alex about this small plan I had, to slam a pie on Damien´s face as he walked out of the Cafeteria, and he agreed.”


“I bought two pies,” Alex continued. “Afterwards we walked out of the cafeteria, and waited for Damien to follow, you know that he always follows.”


“Yeah,” Ashton laughed. “He’s like your personal flea, never leaving your side.” I couldn’t help but start laughing out loud. “What on earth?”


“Cat is having a laughing fit.” Alex chuckled. “So, yeah, we are hiding waiting for Damien, and Cat got close enough to see if he was coming, and apparently he was, so when she shouted now, we slammed the pies on the door, because we were never going to slam them on his face.”


“But it was Mr Terry!” I shouted before I continued my laughing fit.


“So you basically threw pies to the psychology teacher?” Ashton questioned.


“We did.” I replied as I stopped laughing. “He gave us detention because we misused the pie.” I rolled my eyes. “And mom grounded us.”


Alex winked at me and walked out of the room. I let out a sigh and gave Ashton a small smile as he sat up properly. “I can’t go to your house?” I shook my head. “I want to see you in person Cata, not via a laptop.”


“Sorry Ash,” I shrugged. “Mom said no friends… I guess we’ll have a lazy day with Alex tomorrow.”


“So I will see you until next weekend?” Ash questioned pulling his puppy eyes face.


“Yes.” I bit my lip.


“Every time you do that, I have this urge of bitting your lip.” He added with a smirk and I could feel my face burning. “Soon enough love,” He whispered. “I’ll be kissing and bitting your lips.” I rolled my eyes before hiding myself with the pillow that was near me. “Don’t hide love, I want to see you.” Ashton chuckled. “I will talk with you later okay, Harry needs help.”


“Bye Ash.” I smiled and waved from behind the pillow.


“Sweet dreams love.” Ashton winked and hanged up the Skype call.



I closed my laptop before walking out of my room. Alex and I were stuck in the farm for the whole weekend, and I don’t even know what we will do. I was dying to go to the beach house and spend some time with Ashton and the rest of the lads. It was becoming like a routine, I would meet with them wherever they would meet and help them with the songs and the channel, and then we would do something stupid and eat pizza. After spending most of my time with them, Ashton and I would walk back home and watch a movie, or pretend to watch it, as we talked about random things.


Not being there this weekend, was just awful…







I grabbed the superhero cups and made my way towards the living room. If Momma Walker thought that this was a punishment, then she can keep punishing me for the rest of my life and I was never ever going to complain.


Alex was setting up the movies and making sure that we had all the snacks necessary for our lazy day. We had already planned a lazy day for one day at the beach house, to invite everyone and just watch movies all day long, and now that we got grounded, we opted for having it only the two of us.



“It’s nice to have a free of everything weekend right?” Alex spoke as he threw himself on the couch. “After exams, and the games, I needed this.”


“Yeah.” I agreed. “I think we both needed it.” I sighed. “How’s your application going?”


“Well, I have sent them all, including America and England, as well as here.” Alex replied. “But, I don’t really know if I want to move away from here.”


“It’s normal Alex.” I gave him a small smile. “I for example, was scared of coming here, even if it was just for a year, yet, here I am, and I don’t regret one bit being here.”


“Yeah,” He chuckled. “Your applications, how’s that going?”


“Well, I did applied for almost every Uni here,” I started. “Applied to a few on the States and England, but I would rather prefer staying here.”


“I think we all do.” He bumped my shoulder. “Especially someone who likes to play the drums.” He added with a wink.


“Shut up Alex.” I whined.


“We both know that Ashton is in love with you.” Alex spoke. “And he will do anything he can to make you stay.”



I stared at the telly after that comment, I know that both Ashton and I have feelings for each other, but he won’t have to do all the work… I want to stay here as well, so maybe, there is a small chance for the both of us.




Sorry for taking forever in updating... I just don't have an excuse rather than telling you that I had some personal problemas...But here it is, and something seems to be happening cause I can't seem to upload the picture... I will try later. Hope that you guys enjoy it :)

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