2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


8. Seven.



Chapter Seven:


Ashton's P.O.V. Party Time




(The New Pretty Girl, Ashton)


I ran my hand through my hair as I stared out my window the house across the street. The Walker’s live there, Alex and James, but apparently for a whole new year they are going to be having a girl living with them, Catalina. Alex had told me the news since he found out himself. He had already explained to me that she wasn’t supposed to speak English, and that maybe she wasn’t a super party girl, but he did say that he was going to show her the good life. And that was before he actually met her…


I had planned a party to meet her the very first weekend she was going to be here, but Alex told me that they had some sort of camp, so that it would have to wait and so I did. A week later, I sent out a message to Alex and Damien and told them that I was having a party in order to promote the band (cause yeah, I’m in a band) and the other little secret so that I could finally meet Catalina.


For some odd reason her name sounds so extravagant that I know that this girl is going to be so breathtaking. I heard that she comes from Central America, and I have no idea what countries lie there, but I will sure find out before she comes here and thinks that I don’t know crap…



“Ashton mate!” Luke shouted as he walked inside my room. “Do you have everything for this party? Cause I brought some glow sticks!” He exclaimed plopping on my bed.


“Hey Luke.” I answered. “Yeah, everything is settled, my mom and brothers are going to be out of town, and Alex and James are going to come.” I added. “As a matter of fact I believe they are already here.”


“They are here.” Luke agreed. “I just saw them get out of a car with a pretty black hair girl.” He added. “She seems hot.”


I rolled my eyes at his comment. “That is Catalina,” I started. “Alex’s exchange sister for the year.” I said as I stood up. “You did bring your guitar right? We are going to be playing today.”


“Yes Ashton,” Luke chuckled. “Stop worrying so much! Why are you stressed about this party either way?” Luke questioned. “We have thrown party like this before and never in your life-” He stopped mid-sentence and jumped out of my bed running towards the window. “You are digging for the girl!”


“What?” I questioned confused, with a nervous chuckle. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”


“You so like the girl!” Luke exclaimed. “Oh my God!” He laughed. “This is priceless! Ashton Fletcher Irwin! You want for this party to be perfect because the new girl is going to be here!”


“Calm down Luke!” I exclaimed. “We don’t need for her to know that right?” I added and stared out the window. “Let’s start fixing everything before the others come.”


Luke nodded and got off my bed, grabbing his phone before making his way towards the living room. The rest of the band was suppose to be coming soon so that we could fix everything for this party, and I was more than sure that Alex and Damien were going to come soon to help me out with the party, and Catalina would be with them.





Just imagine this: A beautiful, athletic body, 5’6” perfect tan skin girl standing right in front of you, with big dark brown eyes that look almost black and a super long, shiny and gorgeous midnight black hair. How perfect does it sound? Oh! I almost forgot, this beautiful and delicate American English accent. The dream girl don’t you think? That is exactly how Catalina or Cata (as I call her) looks like.


I had this weird but extremely cute first impression, how can someone look so hot when they blush? I am absolutely going to fall for this girl and I barely know her name. I started explaining her about the party and everything and she came up with so many great ideas for other parties, she is now officially part of the five-sauce team…



“So I have to apologize in advance for anything that those lads might say.” I explained as I walked towards the rest of the band. “They don’t have filters.”


She let out a giggle. “Oh please,” She scuffed. “I am friends with Alex, James and Damien, I think I am used to it by now.”


I let out a laugh. “You’re right.” She gave me a small smile. “Lads!” I called out. “I want you to meet Catalina.”


“Hey there pretty lady.” Michael kissed her hand. “I’m Michael Clifford.”


“Calum here.” Calum nodded and shook her hand. “It’s a pleasure.”


“How come you speak perfect English?” Luke questioned and I rolled my eyes. “The name is Luke by the way.”


“Been learning since I turned two.” Cata replied. “Sixteen years of learning it.” She added with a wink.


“Damn.” Calum replied. “How old are you then?”


“Seventeen.” She smiled.



We talked a little more before the people started coming in for the party. I had already gotten myself a date with her for tomorrow, and I just hope that this time I can really get to know her. The lads seem to like her, so that’s a plus, and let’s add the fact that Alex said that it was okay if I date her. Now the only problem is to see if she wants to date me…





“Hey Ashton, we should present ourselves right now.” Luke spoke. “Before everyone gets too drunk.”


“Yeah.” I agreed. “Let me look for Cata, she’s the one that will be doing that.”


“Ash,” Luke placed a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t go to fast.”


“I promise.” I smiled and ran off towards Cata.


I found her grabbing a drink for her, as she stared out to the party. I hadn’t really seen her talking to a lot of people, and usually she spoke with the guys that approached to her, but she would quickly dismiss them…


“Hey there Cata.” I spoke and she smiled as she faced me.


“Hey Ashton.” She replied. “Nice party you have.”


“Thanks.” I gave her a smile. “It’s time for you to present us.” I chuckled.


“Oh fuck.” She took in a deep breath. “Okay, let’s do this.” She walked towards the microphone stand and took in a deep breath before turning it on. “Hello!” She called out and everyone turned towards her. “Hi, good party huh?” She chuckled and people started shouting. “Umm, I really don’t know how to this but,” She licked her lips. “Here goes nothing.” She added and people laughed. “My name is Catalina, and I have been asked to present the band that will be playing today.” She took in a deep breath. “I just met them, but from what I have heard, they rock, so let’s welcome the amazing band, Five Seconds of Summer!” 



Sorry it took me a long while to update... Been busy with Uni and updating my other stories... Either way, I am sorry because this chapter sucks... I do promise that the next one will be better... So yeah, don't hate me because I do love you all! :* 

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