2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


2. One.



Chapter One:


Welcome To My New Home



(Year 2012)


Oh dear God, the time has come and I need to accept the fact that I will have to figure out a way to understand that I will be living with another family for a whole year. An exchange. How awesome is that? I was supposed to go to Europe, but something happened with the family over there and I was told that I was going to go to Australia I'm not complaining though I like this idea better.


Taking a deep breath, I gripped the handle of my suitcases and walked towards the waiting area of the airport. The family, the Walker's, were suppose to be there waiting for me already, and somehow that makes me be more nervous than I am (which is a lot), and I really don’t know why I feel nervous, okay I lied, I do know why. Can you imagine meeting the people you are going to be staying for a year, and maybe they don’t like your first impression? I just come from a plane I don’t look pretty.


I was more than happy to be at the airport already, like anyone would be after a two days flight, which is not nice, and I know that you already know that. Anyhow, I was also excited cause I was going to be experiencing something new, and I have always adored experiencing new things. Something like an adventure, an abnormal adventure.


I had received a folder with the basic information on the Walker's, and from that I knew that we had Harry Walker (father), Annie Walker (mother), James Walker (brother), and Alex Walker (brother), the blonde family, with perfect sea blue eyes (except for Alex who has green eyes) and royal family complexion. Which made me understand that I was going to be the only girl there, my parents weren't so happy about that, but when they spoke with the family, everything changed, I’m guessing that they convinced my parents that nothing bad was going to happen.


It was easy for them to spot me, I mean; I look totally different from any Australian, why? Well, for starters my skin colour is darker (cinnamon colour), my eyes are almost black, and my long midnight black hair say that I am from Central America. Also add the fact that I am the only Central American girl that came to Australia for the exchange year, everyone else was from Europe.  



"Catalina!" I heard an Australian accent shout. "Over here doll!" I turned towards the voice and saw a woman waving at me with a huge smile that was pretty contagious.

I smiled at them and walk to her. "Hello Mrs Walker." I spoke shyly, yeah; I am somewhat of a shy person when it comes to new people.

"Call me Annie or Mom, doll! There is no need for formality!" Mrs Walker chirped as she hugged me. (I’m not so fond of hugs…)

"As you wish." I nodded with a smile.

"How was the trip doll?" She questioned, and by the way her eyes sparkle I am sure that she really wanted to know. "The guys are coming, they were just going to park the car." She added with a small smile.

"A bit tired, I mean, two days of flight, makes you tired." I chuckled. "Other than that, pretty good, didn’t have much complications."

"Hey mom! I've got the app for translating here." A boy, James I think, spoke as he jogged over to us. "Where is-” He stopped mid-sentence.  “Is she the one?" He questioned staring at me.

"Catalina." I smiled extending my hand. James took my hand and stared at me in shock. "I do know how to speak English. Fifteen years learning it. Sixteen practicing it." I giggled.

"American huh?" Mr Walker smiled at me and I nodded. "Call me Harry or dad." He chuckled.

"Pleasure." I smiled as we shook hands.

"Oi dad!" Another voice shouted, Alex I suppose. "Are we going to go out and eat or-" He blinked twice. "Is she?"

"Yes I am." I stuck out my tongue. "Catalina."

"Alex." He winked at me. "Let me carry your luggage so that we can head over. I'm freaking starving."



I shook my head with a chuckle as I handed both my suitcases to James and Alex. Both Mr and Mrs Walker positioned themselves besides me as we walked towards the car.

I knew that my parents wanted to me to practice, my French, German, or Dutch, but I was more than happy to practice my English. I kinda liked English better than my own native language, Spanish, for some reason I always liked it better, it was easier.


The car ride consisted on the typical 20-questions, though in this case, each of the family members could ask 20 questions each, meaning I answered around 80 questions in an hour drive... Which was pretty funny because these people were so easy to talk with, they made me feel like home.


They lived in the countryside, around an hour away from Sydney. They have this huge house, typical for a farm, but way classier. Apart from the questions, we talked about what was happening in the next few days. In an overall summary, I was supposed to go to the introduction camp tomorrow Friday, where Alex would be, and then on Monday I was starting school, with Alex once again.  


We arrived the house one hour later, and they gave me a chance to unpack in my new room (which is amazingly amazing) and take a bath before we went out for dinner. I had already set my mind with the fact that I might have to share a bathroom with two boys, but it turned out that they gave me the room that had an in-bathroom, which is way better.


The room, which they gave me, had the perfect view towards the valley that they owned. I could see the pool, the apple farm and the other crops they worked on. The pale blue walls gave a sort of comfort to the room, and it also contrasted with the black comforter that covered the bed. I had a bookshelf filled with books (no shit right?), a desk with a Mac resting on the top, and a window seat. I was already in love with this house and I had only seen my room and stole have a glance to the living room and kitchen.



"Knock, knock Cat?" Alex appeared at my door with a smile.

"Yeah?" I questioned as I combed my hair.

"You don't mind me calling you Cat?" Alex questioned and I shook my head. "Yeah, ok, well." He licked his lips. "Are you ready? We would like to show you downtown before we head to dinner."

"Sure." I smiled and grabbed my vans and some presents. "Just let me give you guys a little something that I brought." I wriggled my eyebrows.

Alex rolled his eyes with a smile. "Pretty sure mom will tell you that it wasn't necessary." He added.

"Hell it is." I laughed. "You guys are letting me stay at your house for a whole year, kind of a big deal if you ask me.”

"Whatever." Alex joked as we walked towards the living room. "My school mates are wondering if you know how to speak English, but I won't tell them that you speak perfect, I want you to fool them." He added with a wink. "You in for that?"

"Sure!" I beamed. "Anything to make fun of people." I chuckled.

"I'm staring to you like you better by the minute." Alex winked as we walked towards the living room. “And that is something.”



Once in the living room, I gave the presents to each one of them, and they surprised me with the newest iPhone, and the fact that the Mac that was in my bedroom was all mine. Can you imagine? This family seems to be getting better by the second. I, for once, already loved them by the simple fact that all of them had come to pick me up at the airport. The gifts I claimed that they were unnecessary, but they thought otherwise.


For the couple of hours that I’ve been here, I know that this family and this year are going to be the best!





I will kindly ask for your patience as Ashton isn't going to appear in the first couple of chapters, but don't you worry that he and the rest will appear throughout the story, after all it's a fanfiction. I never really ask for this, but I would love to see your comments about what you think about the story. I absolutely hate asking for comments or reviews to post the next chapter or favourites whatsoever, I will ask for at least one of either. Thank you! 

-Gab :)

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