2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


20. Nineteen.



Chapter Eighteen:









I rolled my eyes with a smile, the girls are insane, but I am so into the idea, that I will totally join them. The idea sounded so much fun, but could also get me in so much trouble, that I was really considering not doing it. It’s not like Momma and Papa Walker wouldn’t let me, but it’s the fact that I have to present myself for the exchange program tomorrow morning, that it’s got me thinking…



“Come on Cat, we need you to complete the team!” Sydney exclaimed. “Nothing bad is going to happen.”


“Yes!” Aly shouted. “Join us!”


“Guys it’s not like I don’t want to…” I sighed. “I have to be up and early on the train to meet with my counsellor.”


“Counsellor?” Fay questioned. “You need a counsellor?”


“Not counsellor.” I chuckled. “It’s more like a person that was supposed to help me adapt here.” I shrugged. “This is the first time I will ever meet him or her.”


“You don’t even know who that person is?” Aly laughed.


“No.” I smiled. “I am telling you that I don’t have a clue as to who she or he is.” I licked my lips. “Until what time are we playing?”


“Eleven.” Syd replied. “You in?”


“Ugh, fine.” I gave in. “Though you guys owe me.” I pointed out.


“We’ll give a date with Ashton and you will be happy.” Fay winked and I blushed.



I grabbed my stuff and rolled my eyes before walking away from the girls. If I wanted to go out and play tonight, I had to make sure that I had someone who can pick me up, James could probably do it, but I’m not completely sure if The Walkers would like that. I sent out a quick text message to Momma Walker stating that I was going to stay in Sydney’s house and that I would arrive home late, but that I was going to be ready for tomorrow’s trip.


As I walked down the corridor, I could hear people gossiping as per usual, but there was something that caught my attention. I was the topic of the gossiping. I frowned and walked faster towards my locker, Alex and Damien were supposed to meet me there, and now that people were talking about me, I was going to make sure that they tell me what is going on.



“Why the hell are people talking about me?” I questioned as I joined them.


Damien gave a sad smile. “Rumour is going around that you are cheating on Ashton.” Alex replied.


“What the heck?”  I questioned. “How do they even know that I’m dating Ashton? I’m not dating Ash!”


“You two are not dating?” Damien questioned.


“NO!” I exclaimed. “We are more than friends yes, we even haven’t kissed yet.” I narrowed my eyes. “So how come I’m cheating on him, when I’m not even with him?”


“Do you know Diego?” Alex questioned and I nodded. “Well, he is saying that you two have a secret love.”


“What the actual frigging freak?” I punched my locker. “I’m going to kill that stupid pez payaso and I swear that I’ll make sure he ends up in the hölle when he dies.”


“Do I want to know what your words are?” Damien questioned.


“Clown fish and hell.” I shrugged and walked away.



To: Ashton Irwin ;)
From: Cata <3


Hey… If you hear a rumour about me cheating, it’s not true. I’m not that kind of girl, and I hope that you know it. Just text me to know if we are okay…



I let out a sigh as I hit the send button and stared at the guy in front of me. Diego was talking with his friends, describing how we had spent the weekend together, and how absolutely in love I am with him. I think that if I do get expelled today, I have a very good point. Diego, you’re going down in the hands of a Central American girl.



“So she asked me to take her to the mall,” Diego spoke. “So of course I take her, I mean, you need to make sure your girl is happy.” He added with a small chuckle.


“And who is your girl?” I questioned with a frown and everyone stopped talking. “Who’s your girl? I’ve been hearing rumours, but I want to get an answer from you.” I smirked.


“I, umm” He liked his lips.


“Not so confident are we now?” I smirked. “Do me a favour Diego and shut your stupid mouth. I don’t spend my weekends here, so cut the crap, I have one class with you and just because I lent you my notes doesn’t mean that I want to date you.” I rolled my eyes. “Stop spreading lies about me and you together, because if I hear one more person talking about that, I will cut your balls and make you eat them, so then maybe you do have balls to ask someone out, even when you know they are going to reject you.” I took in a deep breath. “Is it clear pez payaso?”


“What is pez payaso?” Diego questioned.


“I asked you if it is clear!” I snapped.


“Yes.” He whispered. “I will stop talking about you and I, even when we well know that you can’t resist me.”


I rolled my eyes and slapped him, before punching him on the face and on the stomach. “You dare to say one more word, and I’ll beat the crap out of you. Don’t you even think that I am not capable myself, cause I won’t be alone.” I spat before walking away.


“Bitch.” He whispered.


“You haven’t seen me yet.” I smirked before winking and walking away.



No one spreads rumours about me; at least no one gets out alive. I smirked as I walked back towards the school entrance only to find Ashton staring at me.



“Ash?” I whispered.


“Hey Cata.” He smiled. “What happened to your hands?” He questioned frowning.


“I punched Diego.” I shrugged.


He let out a chuckle. “I was going to do that.”


“A bit too late.” I winked as I kissed his cheek. “Some other day you will be my knight in shinning armour.” 


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