2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


15. Fourteen.




Chapter Fourteen:


A Date And A Game



(Saturday Afternoon and Monday)


I stared at the beach as I sent the picture to my parents back in Honduras. Ashton had decided to take me out on our very first date (after he told me that he had feelings for me). Just like the very first time that we ever went out alone, he decided to take me to the beach, but before that we went to have a nice lunch. Irony of all, is that I’m allergic to all the sea-food, so I had to settle down with a salad, not that I am complaining as I do like it, but poor Ashton, seemed guilty as he didn’t know that I was allergic to that…


It was a beautiful day, and I couldn’t ask to have a better company that Ashton. I know that I had my doubts in whether or not Ashton liked me more than a friend, but right now, after what he told me on Friday, I know that he has feelings for me, and even when I am not sure as to why he would have feelings for someone like me, I can’t help but feel special.



“Cata?” Ashton voice snapped me out of my thoughts. “Are you ready?”


I gave him a smile. “Are we going to swim now?” I questioned.


“Yes, well, only if you want of course.” Ashton blushed.


“If you join me.” I winked and ran down towards the ocean.



I could hear Ashton calling my name asking, more like begging me, to wait for him. A smile broke into my face, as I realized that maybe, just maybe, luck was on my side this time, and I might end up being happy with a boy.


I stopped at the edge of the water and waited for Ashton to catch up with me. As soon as he was near, I took off my white dress and twirled as I entered the water. Being in Australia made me realize that I don’t really take advantage of the ocean I have back home in Australia, and even when I didn’t like them so much, I’m learning to love them.



“Cata!” Ashton shouted as he wrapped his arms around me and dipped me inside the water once again. “Stop running away from me, someone might want to steal you.” He frowned and I kissed his cheek.


“Stop being so dramatic Ash.” I rolled my eyes. “Hey! When are you going to teach me to surf?”


“I’m being quite serious Cata.” Ashton sighed. “I don’t know, I guess that next weekend. After the party Luke will be throwing.”


“Another 5sauce party?” I tilted my head.


“Yes, and we need your help.” Ashton sighed. “This time, it’s going to be bigger, so we want to be more organised than last time.”


“Of course I’ll help.” I beamed. “How about we decided the details of that, after we get back home?” I offered.


“I like how you think.” Ashton winked and dipped into the water.









I chuckled as I stared at my friends, they were all giggling and making up stories on how Ashton was going to ask me to become his girlfriend. I was now regretting telling them that he had told me that he liked me more than a friend (I’m still hoping he’s not playing with my feelings) and that I had decided to give him a chance, after all, I did like him.



“So you guys went on a date?” Fay questioned and I nodded. “Where to?”


“Umm, I think the restaurant is called Smiley Crabby or something weird like that.” I shrugged.


“Oh my God!” Sydney exclaimed. “He is so sweet!” I frowned. “He absolutely loves that place, and he once said that he was only going to take his sweetheart there.”


“How do you know that?” I questioned.


“Because Alex and Damien where talking about how gay he was being.” Sydney rolled her eyes. “I think that it is cute.”


“You two are so adorable!” Fay sighed. “How’s Devil?”


“He’s alright now,” I smiled. “Being a disaster, but everyone loves him.”


“Sorry!” Aly breathe out as she joined us. “We have a game later today.”


“What?” I frowned. “Against? When did they say?”


“Scorpions.” We all complained. “Coach just found me and told me. You guys have your stuff here?”


We nodded. “At what time?”


“Five.” Aly shrugged.



We started talking about the game and how unfair it seemed to be that our coach had ‘forgotten’ to tell us about it. We had already won the game against them, but even when we knew that they aren’t so good, we are planning to make them suffer, and sweat, not that it was hard, I mean, we are in Australia.


As I ate my lunch and with my friends, I couldn’t help but remember the date I had with Ashton, not that I could forget, the ladies decided to spill the beans to Aly as she had missed it, and I was now the topic of the table, and found that hilarious, as Aly seemed more embarrassed when they started bothering than me.



“So when is the wedding going to be?” Damien questioned as he took a seat with Alex.


“Guys, we are not even dating yet.” I rolled my eyes.


“Maybe that is what you think, but Ashton said something different.” Alex winked and it that moment I got a text message.



To: Cata <3

From: Ashton Irwin

Cata! How are you? If Alex tells you something to bother you, just tell me so that I can kick his arse later… Take care, just wanted to let you know that I will stay come for your game. See you soon <3



I started at Alex with a smirk. “Ashton is going to kick your arse later.” I added with a wink before everyone burst into fits of laughter. 



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