2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


5. Four.




Chapter Four:


Another Team





I rubbed my eyes as I tried to stay awake in History class, but it was useless, the teacher was trying to keep everyone awake with a stupid video about flies, and I don’t even know why! It is all-useless to me, and I bet that to everyone else as well… Just saying though. I looked down to my notebook, and my doodles are starting to look better than at the beginning.


“Are you staying for practice today?” Sydney questioned me snapping me out of my doddles.

“Yep.” I replied with a smile. “I brought my stuff.” I added. “Though I want to play some basketball today in Psychology.”

She rolled her eyes with a smile. “You’re a multi sports girl right?” She asked and I nodded with a smile. “That explains why you are gorgeous.”

I rolled my eyes. “Please,” I scuffed. “Talks the princess of the school right?” I winked and she blushed. “You have at least half the class behind you.”

Sydney rolled her eyes. “You too.” She spoke sticking her tongue out.

“Only because I’m the exchange student.” I pointed out. “You can’t deny that.”

“Back there!” The teacher spoke causing Sydney and me to turn to the front. “Stop talking or you will be both out of this class faster than the fly.” I turned to face Sydney with a small smirk, who didn’t want to be out of this class?


Alex poked my arm and I turned to face him, only to burst out in laughter as he was pretending to be a walrus with his pencil. The teacher let out a sigh as he turned to see Damien, Alex, Sydney and I laughing out loud. He even started laughing when he saw Alex, I can bet that he got tired of the fly as well. Thanks to him (Alex), we got to finish the class earlier.


“You guys owe me lunch.” Alex spoke as we walked towards our next class. “I got everyone out of torture of that damn fly.”

“We were supposed to learn History in that class, why the hell do I want to know that origin of the fly?” Damien rolled his eyes as he opened his water bottle.

“Because the origin of the fly is ancient history.” Sydney winked before she ran towards her next class that was on the third floor.

I shrugged. “You do know that she is right.” I pointed out.

Damien rolled his eyes and took out his phone. “Mate, Alex!” He exclaimed. “Did you see the group?” He questioned and Alex shook his head. “Irwin is having a party this Friday.”

“Ashton?” Alex questioned and Damien nodded. “In the beach house?” Damien nodded again. “Oh fuck yes!” He punched the air. “Mom and dad are out of town, that means that Tucker, Cat, and I are so hitting that party.”

“Who’s the dude?” I questioned as we entered the classroom. “And what beach house? I’m so lost here.” I added with a sigh.

Alex smiled and placed an arm around my shoulders. “You do remember that we told you that on the weekends we hit the beach house right?” I nodded. “Well, we are hitting the beach house this weekend, and Ashton Irwin, our front neighbour, is having a party.” He spoke. “The good thing about this is that Ashton is in a band, 5 Seconds of Summer or something like that, so every time one of them has a party, they do amazing covers.” I rolled my eyes with a smile. “You in?”

“Of course!” I winked. “I wouldn’t lose the chance of meeting new people and go to a party.” I laughed.




I rested my hands on my knee as I tried to catch my breath. Between laughing like a maniac and running around the court playing basketball, breathing was becoming hard. Alex grabbed the ball and motioned me to run towards the other end. We were losing by two points, so if I managed to score, we would be in a tie, and I wouldn’t feel so bad about losing an opportunity.


Alex threw the ball and I grabbed it, making a sprint for my life towards the basket and dunking the ball, which was not going to happen because I can’t jump that high, but the point was that I was going to make the point.


“In your face Damien!” I shouted as I jumped around. “You guys didn’t win.” I winked and Alex came to hug me.

“Great job Cat!” He exclaimed. “I didn’t know you could play that amazing.” I laughed and Damien patted my back.

“Neither did I.” I heard Mr Parker’s voice. Everyone froze and I turned around to see Mr Parker wearing sports cloth and a basketball on his hip. “I’m the coach.”

“Oh.” I mouthed. “I didn’t expect that.” I added and he chuckled. “Are you going to use the court to practice?”

“No.” He smiled. “I came here to see if you would like to be with my team.” I frowned. “I know that you are going to practice volleyball, but you could also practice basketball.” I nodded. “Would you like to be part of my team?”

“Uh-” I opened my mouth. “Yeah, I mean, the training won’t be an issue right? Like, you don’t practice everyday?”

“No,” He smiled. “Monday’s and Wednesday’s are volleyball, Tuesday and Thursday are basketball, Friday swimming.” I nodded. “So, shall I expect you tomorrow?”

“Count me in.” I smiled and turned to see that everyone was gathering his or her stuff. “I need to get ready.” Mr Parker nodded and I ran off towards the hallway where Sydney was waiting for me.


I grabbed my book bag and sports bag and made my way towards the restroom with Sydney. We started talking about the day and then I started talking about how I was now asked to start practicing with the basketball team. Who knows, new places, new opportunities?




I groaned as Alex threw his legs above mine on the couch. I started at him with a tired face and he simply laughed and took out of his muddy shoes. Apparently he had Rugby practice everyday, and the field was like super muddy today, hence as to why he looks like he rolled on mud with pigs.


“Thank God that mom and dad are out of town.” He chuckled. “If they were here, I’m sure that mom would have made me take a bath on the shower outside by the pool.” I laughed.

“Oi, could you explain some more about the party this Friday.” I spoke. “Who’s this Ashton Irwin and whatever.”

“Ashton has been friends with me since forever.”  Alex started. “Before we lived here, we used to live in a relative small house by the beach, but afterwards my parents built this place and we moved here.” I nodded. “Damien, Ashton and I hang out a lot, but Ashton is on another high school, hence as to why you don’t know him yet. Him and his other mates, throw parties every now and then, alternating houses, and this Friday is on his house, which means it’s easier to go, as we live right across the street from them.” I nodded. “You’re going to like him.” He smiled. “He’s a nice lad.”

“Are you sure he won’t mind that I crash his party?” I questioned.

“Nope.” Alex winked. “He already knows that you are going and he is dying to meet you.” He added before leaving me alone on the living room.




Sorry once again for taking so long in updating... But I haven't gotten a review or anything on the story AND I have an annoyingly bastard teacher who demands WAY to much homework.... Either way, here we go! I updated :) Ashton was mentioned as I promised ;) and next chapter may the lads be on the story! 
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