2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


6. Five.




Chapter Five:


Ashton Irwin.



I gasped as I stared at the house in front of me. Alex had said that it was smaller than the house were they now live, but I thought that it was going to be like my own house back home. I’ve never been so wrong in my entire life. This house, yeah of course it was smaller than the farmhouse, but it was still huge! It is a three freaking story house, with a room for each of the guys, adding the fact that they also had like four extra bedrooms, and also the perfect view to the beach. Maybe they didn’t have the beach at their yard, but still, it is incredibly amazing.


“You have to be kidding me Alex.” I spoke as I entered the house. “This place is bigger than my house back in Honduras.” I chuckled. “And you call this small?” I questioned.

“Oh come on Cat.” Alex messed with my hair. “It is smaller than were we live now isn’t it?” I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. “Here’s the deal. James and Tucker will come in around an hour, so we basically have an hour to hit the mall and buy you an outfit for tonight.”

“An outfit?” I questioned. “Why on earth are you going to be buy me an outfit for tonight?” I questioned confused. “Can’t I use my cloth?”

“Do you own a bikini?” I frowned and shook my head. “See, there is our problem.” He smiled and Damien nodded.

“You see dear and sweet Cat.” Damien smiled and I rolled my eyes. “The party is also a pool-beach party.” I fake gagged. “You need a super hot bikini, so that people can’t keep their eyes off you.”

“I pass.” I winked. “I rather be ignored than stalked.” I pointed out and Alex chuckled. “Ugh! Fine! Do I really need to get a bikini?” They both nodded. “Let me put on some shorts and we leave.” I said as I walked towards the stairs. “Which one is my room?”

“It has your name on the door. Third floor, just in case.” Alex replied and I nodded.


I entered my bedroom and dropped my backpack next to the door. Let’s just say that the Walker’s know how to make dreams come true. This room was just as amazing as the other room back in the farmhouse. Blue walls, black comforter, a desk, closet, own bathroom, everything about it was perfect.


I decided that I would check out the rest of the house once we came back from the mall, because they (Alex and Damien) wouldn’t stop shouting outside my door making me hurry up! Can’t they understand that I am excited to be in a new place?






Once we got back home, I ran up to my new room and decided to unpack for the weekend and maybe start getting ready for the party later tonight. I threw myself on the bed as I thought in whether or not should I put so much effort into getting ready for the party. I did wanted to make friends, and this Ashton dude sounded like a nice lad, but I don’t want to seem desperate to make friends. I got up from my bed and walked over to the bathroom to take a bath, I can’t go to a party smelling like chlorine from the pool (cause yes, I got into the swimming team)…


“I need to cut my hair.” I sighed as I walked out of the bathroom, combing my long hair.

“No you don’t.” Damien spoke.

“HOLY SHIT!” I shouted and Damien laughed. “What the hell are you doing here? You do know that I could have come out naked?”

“I was waiting for that.” Damien winked and I rolled my eyes. “Sorry,” He chuckled. “Alex is asking if you want to eat something before heading over to the party.”

“What time is the party then?” I questioned as I stared at my phone it was barely five pm.

“Until like eight.” Damien replied. “But as we are friends with Ash, we always help him set up everything.” I nodded. “Pizza before we leave?”

“Sure.” I beamed.






I took in a deep breath and walked over to the door. Alex and Damien were making this kind of cruel job, in which they sent me to knock on the door and try to figure out if Ashton did a move, or he simply ignored me. Please ignore me. They thought that he wasn’t going to ignore me due to the fact that I am wearing a black (super cute btw) bikini, and a white-cropped shirt with short jeans to cover it up…


I knocked on the door and sighed placing a piece of hair behind my ear. “Please don’t answer.” I silently whispered, but my prayers were not answered. The second I finished talking; a Greek God opened the door.

My mouth was slightly open as I stared at the dude with the perfect hazel eyes. “Hey,” He spoke, and holy shit, I died there. “Can I help you with something?” Is accent if the most gorgeous thing ever.

“Uh,” I licked my lips. “I’m Catalina, I just,” I took in a deep breath. “Oh God this is stupid.” I whined.

“Sorry?” He chuckled. “By any casualties do you live with Alex Walker?” He questioned raising an eyebrow.

I sighed in relief and nodded. “Yes.” A smile tugging at my face. “Did Alex tell you that he was going to make me embarrass myself?” He let out a chuckle. “No? Oh that bastard.” I laughed.

“Is he here?” He questioned and I nodded. “With Damien?” I nodded once again. “Come on out you dick heads!” He shouted. “Michael needs help with the music!”


Alex and Damien came out from the bushes laughing their arses off and I simply rolled my eyes as they winked at my direction. Ashton also laughed and motioned me to join him inside. I walked right behind Damien, but stood awkwardly in the living room as I waited for Ashton to come.


“Catalina right?” He questioned and I nodded. “Mind if I call you Cata?” I giggled and shook my head. “Cool, wanna help me out?”

“Sure.” I replied. “In what do you need help?” I questioned as I followed him to the kitchen.

“You see, Luke bought this glowing sticks and I don’t really know what to do with them.” He sighed. “Any ideas?”

“How many colours?” I questioned and showed four fingers. “Cool, choose one for singles, show another one for taken, complicated and staff?”

“That’s genius!” Ashton laughed. “I so don’t want people around flirting and then a fight.” He laughed. “Let’s make signs so that they know.”


Ashton threw me some markers and paper and I started making the signs that he wanted to have around. He left me in the kitchen and I could hear the other people outside talking, and as I saw through the window, Alex and Damien where helping a blonde guy and one chocolate (is that even true?) hair colour.


“Those are my friends.” Ashton spoke. “My band mates.” He licked his lips. “The one who looks Asian, BUT isn’t is Calum, the blonde one is Luke, and the other is Michael.”

“Nice.” I smiled. “What instrument do you play?” I questioned and he blushed.

“I play the drums.” He chuckled. “I play the drums-”

“Holy crow!” I exclaimed. “That is so awesome! I have always wanted to learn, but I suck.” I chuckled. Ashton smiled widely. “What is the name of the band?” I questioned.

“Five seconds of Summer.” He replied and I nodded. “You like it?”

“Five sos.” I added and he nodded. “More like five sauce.” I laughed he was soon joining.

“That’s not so bad.” Ashton spoke and I shrugged. “You’re so different from what I expected.” I frowned. “When Alex told me that you were coming, I thought that for starters you wouldn’t be able to speak perfect English,” I blushed. “Also that you were going to be shy and I don’t know, stuck-up.”

I laughed out loud. “I am shy.” I rolled my eyes. “But I learned that if I want this year to be memorable, I have to man up.” I pointed out.

“You are right there.” He chuckled. “This is going to sound weird, but, would you like to come by tomorrow and hit the beach?”

“That sounds awesome.” I smiled. “With one condition though.” He raised an eyebrow. “I want to listen to one of your songs.”

“If you present us tonight.” Ashton spoke and I frowned. “We want to do a small gig tonight,” I nodded. “And so, would you be so kind of presenting us?”

“Sure.” I beamed. “I will.”

“Perfect.” He winked. “You’re part of the 5 sauce team now.” He chuckled. “I have to present you to the rest of the lads.” He added grabbing my hand. “Come on.” 




AAAAND!! ASHTON APPEARED! So? I promised him on the fifth chapter and here he is :) I hope you are all liking the story :) From now on, Ashton and the lads are going to be mentioned more :) Btw's the outfit is below :)




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