2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


16. Fifteen.




Chapter Fifteen:


Basketball = Life






Cursing everything internally, I made my way to the girl’s locker room with a scowl on my face. I can’t believe that Mr Parker decided that we were going to have a game on a Friday! I was supposed to finish my swimming practice and jump on the Jeep and leave for the beach house so that I could help Ashton and the rest of the lads with the ‘5Sauce Super Duper Mega Awesome Party’ they were going to be throwing tomorrow night. Yet, I am supposed to change into my basketball uniform and play…



“Why the sudden game?” I heard Mandy questioned.


“Because Irish High School can’t play next week. Something about a school camp they have or something.” Mr Parker replied.


“So we have to suffer to it?” I questioned as I entered the room. “I already had my plans.” I sighed.


“I bet you all did.” Mr Parker pointed out. “But we are a team, and we can’t let the school down.”


“We won’t even have cheerleaders!” Jo exclaimed. “Everyone is already at their house and whatnot!”


“Actually,” Maiden started. “The cheerleaders are here. I don’t know about the rest of the school, but at least we’ll have them.”


“We would have everyone else if the game was next Tuesday.” Annie frowned. “So Mr Parker, what are going to do?”


“Play.” He replied and we all gave him a look. “Oh! Yeah, I’m sorry.” He chuckled. “You have seen them play right? Everyone except Estrada.” I nodded.


“They play defence almost half the game. They suck at attacking.” Maiden winked.


“But the defence is impenetrable.” Jo shrugged.


“We can win.” Mr Parker spoke up. “We just need to concentrate and we will be able to win.”


“We win or lose we still will be in first place right?” I questioned.


“Not the point.” Mr Parker pointed out. “We need to win.”



I let out a sigh but nodded. Mr Parker seemed to consider saying something else, but left the room so that we could change into our uniforms. The girls started playing music, trying to get into the play mode… I stood up from the bench and went over to my locker, even when I didn’t want to be here, I had to give my best so that I could stay here.


Jo nudged me as she opened her locker, which was next to mine. She winked at me as she took out her phone. I frowned as I saw her looking at her pictures, scrolling down, most likely trying to find some random picture to show me.



“You have to put a smile on your face.” Jo smiled.


“Why?” I questioned.


“Because your lover is going to be here.” She sang.


“My lover is?”


“Ashton Irwin.” She smirked and my face fell.


“What on earth? How did you? Who told you?” I hesitated.


“I have my ways.” She winked. “So if I were you, I would play my very best today.”



I stared at Jo as she walked away. How on earth had she figured out that I liked Ashton, and that he was going to be here, tonight? We didn’t even know we had a game until around two, and I hadn’t texted Ashton to let him know that we had a game, only that I was going to get to the beach house until Saturday with James and Tucker. How?








I licked my lips as I sat down next to Alex and Damien. When I got the text from Cata saying that she was not going to come until Saturday, I immediately texted Alex to find out why on earth they were coming until Saturday. Turns out that Cata had a basketball game at six, and she found out until today. So, as I am trying to make sure that Cata understands that I like her more than a friend, I decided to come and cheer for her.


“You look nervous.” Alex teased.


“Shut up.” I mumbled.


“You know,” Damien started. “She doesn’t know that you are here.”


“I think she does.” I replied. “I tweeted it…”


“What exactly did you tweet?” Alex questioned with a frown.


“Heading over to watch Cata play #Yougogirl” I shrugged.


“Liar.” Alex smirked. “You tweeted: ‘About to see my favourite girl play!’”


“You have never tweeted her name.” Damien pointed out.


“Because I don’t people hating on her.” I sighed. “The small band base we have can be mean sometimes.”


“Cat is a strong girl.” Alex smiled. “There she is.” He added pointed out at her.


I turned to face her, and she was already staring at me. “Good luck!” I mouthed to her and she rolled her eyes with a smile.



Cata, you’re going to be mine.

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