2012. One exchange student. One soon-to-be-band. Two teens. Two hearts. One smile. One love. A.I.


19. Eighteen.




Chapter Seventeen:


Ashton P.O.V. Surfing Weekend





I put on a t-shirt and trotted down the stairs to meet with the rest of the lads. It was finally the weekend, and we had been planning on going surfing since the beginning of the week, and now since Cata was coming, I was more than prepared for the weekend. We had already planned it all, surfing, sleep over, more surfing, more sleep over, more surfing, then pretending not to cry cause they are leaving back to the farm.


I knew that Cata had caught something about surfing, but I was still her teacher, that meant that I was allowed to spend more time with her without having the lads mock me about being in love with her… Which to be honest, I totally am.




“Hey there lover boy!” Calum winked as I met with them.


“Are we ready for an epic weekend?” Luke questioned and we all agreed.


“Cat said that her friends are coming over too.” Michael added. “That means that we are going to have more people within our little group.”


“I like her friends.” I shrugged. “They are just as crazy as Cata.” I chuckled.


“I already saw James’ Jeep park up front.” Calum spoke up. “I heard a couple of voices, so I’m pretty sure that he came with Tucker and some of the girls.”



I was about to comment when I felt my phone vibrate.


To: Ashton Irwin ;)

From: Cata <3

Hey Loser! I’m at the house… will just change into a bathing suit and stuff. Come over like now! ;)



“Cata just texted me.” I smiled. “Let’s head over so we can start with our weekend!” I shouted as I ran out of the house with guys hollering behind me.







Cata glared at Sydney as she laughed. Running her hand through her hair, she tied it up on a ponytail before walking over to me. She had a cute pout on her face and a little frown, which made her look impossibly cute instead of mad. I raised an eyebrow when she was close to me and she let out an exaggerated sigh.



“What’s wrong Little Fish?” I questioned as she tried to suppress a smile.


“Don’t call me that.” Cata sat down next to me. “I should have never told you that story.”


“Cata, why the way you swim, I think that name would have come up.” She rolled her eyes. “Shall we ditch them?”


“Where are they going?” I questioned.


“To eat sea food.” She rolled her eyes. “I can’t even come close to smell that, I get my stupid allergy and I fucking love shrimps.” She added laughing.


“Okay then,” I chuckled. “What do you plan on doing?”


“I want to beat Tucker in surfing.” Cata smirked. “Could you help me out some more?”


“Of course doll.” I winked. “Let’s get going, afterwards we could get the movies for the sleepover.”


“Oh yes!” Cata chuckled. “I want scary movies.”







I let out a yawn as I stretched from the uncomfortable position I was in. I was about to move, when I heard a small complain, and when I turned to see what was it; I found that Cata was sleeping peacefully on my lap. I let out a small smile, as I tried to get comfortable and go back to sleep.


After the surf classes, we had gone to find out the perfect movie for the movie night we had planned, and we opted to go with scary movies, getting a whole bunch of them. I have no idea when, but I guess that we all fell asleep somewhere at the end, and I had just happened to fall asleep with Cata. As I looked around before trying to sleep once again, I noticed that Alex and Sydney were cuddled up, and Aly was using James as a pillow. Tucker was on one of the couches, whilst Fay took the other.



“Stop moving.” Cata mumbled. “It’s too early to be alive.”


“Come on Cata.” I whispered. “No one else is up.”


“Go back to dream land Ash.”


“We can prank them.” I smiled.


“I fucking hate and love how you think right now.” Cata yawned. “What do you have in mind?”


“Do you think your parents have whipped cream?”




Cata smirked and motioned me to follow her. It is a Cashton prank! 



Sorry it took me forever to update, and then come and update with a sort of shitty chapter... I just have been having some trouble and I don't really have an excuse... I do hope you enjoy it and can tell other people to read it. ;) Thank you all! 

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