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9. Eight.



Chapter Eight:


Shopping-Texting-Video What?



(Wednesday, School Shopping Trip)


Who would have thought that instead of being in class, learning about stuff that I already know, I would be with my three friends (not the boys) downtown shopping? I would have never thought of it, not me, not that I am complaining though…



“Come on Cat!” Aly whined. “You should totally try this one.” She added pointing at a sundress.


“Why?” I whined. “You guys know that I don’t like dresses!” I threw my hands up in exasperation to make a better point. “Why should I even try it?”


“Because!” Fay started with a smirk this is not good… “You are heading over to the beach house again and Ashton lives right across from you.”


“I still don’t see the point.” I crossed my arms. “He has seen me in my pjs, do you really think that it will make a difference?” I raised an eyebrow. “And I still don’t get from where you guys think that he likes me!” I rolled my eyes and turned around. “You’re just like Alex and Damien.” I murmured.


“He talked about you in the video.” Sydney replied and I rolled my eyes. “Plus Cat, you’re so cute and adorable, who’s not gonna love you?”


“I can name a few.” I retorted. “And he only spoke about me in the stupid video because I introduced them in the party, it was bound to happen.” I sighed. “Can we please drop it off? He will never like me.”


“But you do!” Fay jumped. “So that means, that you need to look more gorgeous than you already are, so that he falls in love with you!”



I didn’t even have time to protest, as they dragged me towards the dressing room. I knew that skipping school wasn’t going to be the best idea, but when your three best friends (which are all girls) tell you to join them, you do so… but just remember to ask what you will be doing first.


Having friends that are girls is kinda cool, except when they use you as their doll. Joking not, they threw me inside the dressing room, with Fay guarding the door so that I wouldn’t leave it, and having Aly and Sydney looking for cloth.




“You do know that I hate you all now.” I spoke as I took a sip of my coffee. “And you are still alive because you bought me coffee.”


“We know Cat.” Sydney spoke as we climbed inside the car. “You have said that at least ten times already.”


“Why do you hate shopping so much?” Fay questioned. “It’s so fun!”


“I don’t hate shopping,” I sighed. “I just hate spending so much time trying cloth! I really, dislike that.”


“Oh.” They all replied with a chuckle.


“Where are we going?”


“Taking you back home.” Aly replied. “We have school tomorrow.”


“Don’t remind me!” Fay exclaimed. “I have a physics test tomorrow. I hate physics.”


“We all do.” I mumbled. “I think I have a chemistry test tomorrow as well, and I am pretty sure that I don’t have my stuff with me.”


“I don’t even know why you complain!” Sydney exclaimed. “You’re the best in the class, plus you already graduated high school.”


“If I want a scholarship for an University here, I gotta get good grades.” I rolled my eyes. “Who says I am the best of the class? That’s pure and utter bull.”



And after that, a huge discussing started…





To: Cata <3

From: Ashton Irwin.
Cata! Are you coming over to the beach house this weekend? The lads and I are planning a fun-and-let’s-not-get-killed-or-in-jail weekend… You in?


I stared at the text message Ashton had sent me. I knew that we were going back to the beach house this weekend, but as far as I knew, mom and dad were joining us, meaning that we would be having a family weekend. I looked up from my phone and saw James entering the living room with Tucker at his tail.


“James.” I called. “Are we going to the beach house this weekend?”


“Hey Cat,” James smiled. “Yes, mom and dad will be joining us on Sunday why?”


“Oh it’s that,” I licked my lips, should I tell him? “Ashton asked me if I wanted to join him and the rest for a fun-and-let’s-not-get-killed-or-in-jail weekend.” I shrugged.


“Oh, the typical.” James laughed. “Tell him you are joining, that thing starts on Friday night and ends on Saturday night.”


“I see that you are going to leave me once again Cat,” Tucker sighed. “What do I have to do so that I can win your heart?”


“Stop being weird.” I replied as I walked towards my room. “See you two later!”



I threw myself on my bed before grabbing my phone.


To: Ashton Irwin.

From: Cata <3

Count me in! Of course I am going! Miss a weekend at the beach? Never in my life! How much fun does that includes?


After I sent the text, I walked over to my desk to grab my laptop and check out the video everyone keeps talking about. Apparently, Luke had uploaded a behind the scene video, in which Ashton is talking about me… How true can that be?


Even Damien had mentioned about this video, but I didn’t really believe him, and I couldn’t ask Alex cause he was staying over at Damien’s as they have some weird project to work on… And I am in all of their classes and I have no idea of what project they are talking about…


To: Cata <3
From: Ashton Irwin.

YAAAS!! You’re awesome Cata!! You have no idea ;)


I rolled my eyes at his reply, and stared at the screen right in front of me:






I am terribly sorry it took me forever to update! I have had a couple of hectic weeks as I am finishing this trimester next week :D... Either way, I uploaded, hope the chapter is good enough to compensate... I mentioned the other two friends :) Please leave a comment as to whether you loved it or hate it! Please recommend it if you did like it! I love you all! :* 


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