I don't know how but he stole my heart and now he's competing for me and all I can do is hope he wins. [© 2015 All rights reserved to Gabby W.]


5. Chapter 4

I had fun last night. We should do that again sometime ;)


I read the text over and over. That was NOT fun, I thought. And I hope I never do that again! I heard a knock on my door. I was scared. What if it's Ashton and he wants to take me to another place he likes to go. 


"Belle? It's me. Maratha," someone said through the door. I walked over and opened the door. My sister Maratha was stood outside it. "I was wondering when you didn't answer my calls so I came over to see how you are. You look terrible!" she finished and walked inside. I closed the door.


"Wow. Thanks," I said sarcastically as I followed her to my couch.


"I'm sorry but I mean you look like you haven't slept in days! What's wrong? Are you having trouble sleeping?" she asked. I shook my head.


"No. I met this guy after work one night and now he won't leave me alone! Last night he took me to a bar," I explained. I told her everything. About work. About how if Sophia found out that I went out to a bar and got drunk she will fire me. 


"Oh Isabelle! You need to call the cops or something! If you loose this job mom and dad might make you live with them again!" Maratha pointed out. Maratha was one of those sisters that understood and you can trust with stuff like this. I shrugged.


"If I did that he might hurt me or something," I replied. Maratha grabbed me and hugged me. It's nice to know you have someone there to comfort you.


"We'll figure something at," she comforted and pulled away from the hug. There was another knock at the door. We both looked at it then looked at each other. I got up and walked over there. When I opened it there was no one there but there was flowers on the ground with a note. I picked them up and read the note. 


Dear Belle,

I hope you like these flowers. Sorry about my friend Ashton. He doesn't care about anyone but himself.


Who's Calum? I don't think I have met him before. I smiled. At least someone cares. I walked back to Maratha. She looked at the flowers and note with confusion.


"Who are those from?" she asked. I handed her the note and she read it. "Who's Calum?" she asked another question.


"I don't know. Sounds like one of his friends," I answered. I blanked out because I was still thinking about who Calum is.

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