I don't know how but he stole my heart and now he's competing for me and all I can do is hope he wins. [© 2015 All rights reserved to Gabby W.]


4. Chapter 3

I got a call twenty minutes after Alex had left. I groaned. I wish everyone would leave me alone! I reached over and checked the ID. It was David.


"Hello?" I answered. I sat up and checked the time. It was about to be 8 and I didn't have work or school today. Not if he wants me to come in. I hope not....


"Belle? Are you okay? One of my friends said they saw you in a club with a boy. Is that true? You know the rules....." David said. Even through David wasn't the manger, he always looked out for me and made sure I didn't get fired or anything.


"I can explain. I met this guy after work when you said to lock up and he took me to a club without letting me answer. Do you think Sophia will understand?" I asked. Sophia was the manger and a mean one to be honest. She isn't someone that gives second chances. There was a long awkward pause before David answered.


"I don't know, Belle. I can try and talk to her about it but I don't know how she will take it." I sighed. I can't let David do this. It was my fault not his.


"You don't have to do that! It wasn't your fault," I replied. He sighed.


"I know but you are the only one that can put up with me so I can't let you get fired!" I giggled at what he said.It was true though. Me and David are like brother and sister. It's kind of cool because I don't really have a brother anyways. "Don't worry I have it under control," he said. This time I sighed.


"Please don't do something to get us both fired!" I complain and he chuckled. When David says he has it 'under control' you should worry. It's sometimes never good.


"Okay! I have to go! I'll tell Sophia that you are sick and can't make it today," he assured me.


"Thanks," I thanked him. We hung up after that. But when I tried to go to sleep, phone rang again but this time it was a text. From Ashton.


Sorry this chapter was short but I wanted to get something out for you guys! Like, favorite and comment! 


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