I don't know how but he stole my heart and now he's competing for me and all I can do is hope he wins. [© 2015 All rights reserved to Gabby W.]


3. Chapter 2

"And then he just claims me like I'm some prize!" I explained to my friend Alex. I called her up when I got home from the party and talk her everything.


"That's creepy. Did you try to get out of it?" she asked.


"Yes, well, not quite," I answered as I paced back and forth in my living room with plaid pajama pants and a tank top on. 


"That's probably why you are suck in this situation, Belle. You need to get out of this before you get hurt," she suggested and I sighed loud enough so she can hear me.


"I know but how!" I basically yelled. Just then I heard a knock on the door. "I'll have to call you back, Alex. Someone is knocking on the door." I hung up the phone and walked over to the door. I opened it to see a cute blonde hair guy with a lip ring and just a little tattoos. Not a lot like Ashton but just a few. "Hello? Can I help you?" I asked and he smirked.


"Are you Belle Cohan?" he asked as he looked me up and down. 


"Yes. Why do you asked?" 


"I'm Luke. Ashton's friend and he asked me to come over here and tell you to get ready. He wants to take you out on a date," Luke answered.


'Why can't he come over and tell me himself?" I questioned. Who does this guy think he is?


"Just get ready. Ashton doesn't like to wait. You have an hour until he gets here," Luke said and was about to walk away but I stopped him.


"But it's like eleven o'clock right now," I complained.


"I know. Ashton likes to take his girls out really late," Luke smirked and walked off. I sighed as I walked to my closet to get ready. I'm too scared to disobey him. After I got changed I sat on the couch to wait for Ashton. 


An hour went by and finally I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it. There stood Ashton, like some punk demon or something. I followed him to his car and we were off.


"How did you and your friend know where I live?" I asked as that question just popped into my head.


"From people," he answered as he kept his focus on the road. I breathed in deeply. This could mean he now can stalk me and I wouldn't even know. We arrived at some club. Ashton put the car into park. I just sat there. There is no way I'm going in there. "Come on! Live a little!" he said and got out. I stayed in the car. Ashton sighed and walked over to my door and opened it. He pulled me out and dragged me inside. I was surprised that the guy let us through. 


"Ashton! I don't want to stay here!" I complained. Ashton dragged me to the bar and ordered himself a beer. I repeated it again.


"I heard you the first time!" he shouted. I backed up slowly. He scares me when he is mad. I stood there as people danced and the music got louder. 


"Hey, beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?" a guy around in his fifties asked. Ashton just glared at him and the guy backed off. Ashton must really scare people. 


"You should get something to drink," he finally said after a long silence. I sighed and ordered a drink. He scares me too much to argue. As the night went on Ashton sat at the bar and said nothing and I was right by him waiting to go home. Finally he got up, grabbed my hand and dragged me outside to his car.


I slowly walked into my room as I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. All I want to do know is figure out why he choice me and not any other girl in the world. 


"Isabelle! Are you home?" I could hear Alex call. She had a key to my house. She walked into my room. "There you are. Where did you go? It's seven in the morning," she asked. My eyes shot open. I looked over to my clock and she was right. I groaned. We must of stayed up all night. Then the tiredness kicked in. 


"Ashton took my on a date and I guess we stayed out a little to late," I answered.


"He took you on a date? In the middle of the night?" she asked. I nodded. "Well I better leave so you can get some sleep. Have fun," she said and left. I closed my eyes again.



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