Peter Pan

You've heard the story of the boy who never wanted to grow up. But did you really? You see, people change stories up all the time. The story of Peter Pan and Wendy was one of those story that got changed, very much. This is the story, of what really happened.


1. Chapter #1

Wendy Darling sat on the streets, wishing on a star. "Peter Pan I've heard of you. Do you really exists? They say your just a story, but I think your so much more. Will you please come rescue me?" She says aloud. Little did she know, Peter was very close by. Wendy was a poor girl. She had no money, she had no family, she lived on the streets. She was so alone, and all she wanted was for someone to take her away from the awful place. "Peter Please!" she shouts. He sat stood in the darkness of the alley and watched her. "Please," She begs one more time before bursting into tears. "Wendy," Peter spoke up. Her head shoots up and she looks around, but she could see no one. "Whose there?" she asks scared. Peter steps out of the dark, to where she could see him. "Are you Peter Pan?" she asks standing up. "Yes. And I wish to take you to Never Land," He grins. "Really?" She asks excited. He nods his head. "How do we get there?" She wonders. "We fly of course," He says. "But I do not know how to fly," She says, feeling a bit discouraged. "Tink!" He shouts. A little fairy flies over Wendy, sprinkling a fine, golden dust on her. "Think happy thoughts, Wendy," he says. She closes her eyes, and thinks of all the things that make her happy, and she began to lift off the ground!

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