The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


73. //58//

I woke up to the sound of the triplets crying again. But there was something different this time. It wasn't stopping. No lullabies were being sung.

"Luke, can you sing to them? Luke?" I yawned. I turned around and saw an empty space. No one was lying there. It's just me and the babies. Luke's on tour. There's no way he can make them stop with his sweet voice!

I stand up and walk over to my babies. I stick my head over the side and they all look at me. They're beautiful, and remind me so much of Luke! Especially Hunter. There's almost no differences between them. I pick up Starr and Hunter to bounce them a bit and try to sing, aswell as rocking the crib for Ashley with my foot.

"Hush little babies, don't you cry, mumma's gonna sing you a lullaby...." A few tears escaped my eyes as I thought of Luke's face. "And if that lullaby don't work, mumma's gonna... Mumma's gonna... I'm so sorry my beautiful angels. I can't do this!" I cried again, but my babies weren't crying anymore. Starr was playing with the draw strings on my hoodie and Hunter was laughing, Ashley was also smiling, holding her hand out for something. I placed Hunter and Starr back into their crib and thought about who could help me to feed them.

"Luna?! Ben?!" I shouted. They both appeared at my door frame within seconds, half asleep still.

"Yeah?" Luna yawned.

"Will you guys give Starr and Ashley their bottles?" I ask. They both nod and prepare their milk. Hunter's allergic to cow's milk, so he's the only one I have to breast feed, which hurts like hell! He just bites down! I smile as I see Ben and Luna feeding my precious girls and almost start crying again.

"I miss him so much!" I mumble.

"We all do hun, but we'll help you through it all, whatever you need." Ben replies. I'm so glad that Luke had such a great family. That's one other thing I envy about Luke, he can always count on his family.

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