The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


59. //46//

Luna has been acting strange lately. She's been on her phone, which is not normal for her! She's more of a practical, exciting type of girl. It's of to see her spend more time on her phone than she does talking to any of us. Luke, Ben, Jack, Andrew and Liz have gone shopping, they've left me alone with Luna. I was hoping we'd talk about any celebrities we like or shit like that, just like old times, but no. Her phone was more interesting to her. I sit there looking at her for a while, she's just smiling at something on her phone. I sigh and sit back, placing a bowl of popcorn on my Stomach. Nothing good is on tele, do I decided to watch a movie, Marley & Me. It's one of my favourite movies! The movie starts to play and I really start getting in to it. That is, however, until giggles start to escape from Luna's mouth.

"Ok little miss perky pants! I've been holding back from asking you this question for almost an hour now... Why are you so happy? And why are your eyes suddenly glued to your phone?" I ask, eyeing her suspiciously. She takes her eyes off her phone for the first time in at least three hours and smiles at me.

"Grace, if I tell you, you've got to promise me you won't tell Luke!" She begs. I sigh and scot closer to her. I take her hand and place it on my knee.

"I promise Luna. It can't be too embarrassing or bad, and, it's not like the babies are gonna be able to tell him anyway!" I giggle. She smiles and takes a deep breath.

"I have been secretly dating Ash again for the past month..." She exclaims. Oh my life. He'll leave me alone now! Yes! No secret scheme to take part in! "That's only the part that Luke doesn't know about. You can't tell Luke I've told you this, but the guys, meaning Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton, have got the band back together and they've got a record deal! They're going on tour in a few months!" She finishes. When was he gonna tell me this...?

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