The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


53. //41//

"I... I... Have to go..." Ashton ran straight out of my front door causing the door to make a loud slamming sound. It's too late to even think about hugging Luke or anything because he's already out the door chasing Ashton. I totally forget that Calum, Michael and Jason are still standing behind me and I get up to clean my sick.

"Soo... What happened..?" Jason asked. Shit. I looked at him and saw the other two. I can't not tell them. I face them fully and wipe away the single tear that I feel slip down my burning hot cheek.

"Well, you know how me and Ashton are 'close friends'?.... It's all bullshit!" I yell. They all look at me confused. I don't really blame them.

"Where's this going?" Jason asked worried. I can't back out of telling them now. That would just make me look bad and I know Jason wouldn't talk to me for months if I keep a secret.

"It was all forced onto me. I've never liked him! As a best friend, or even a friend. Barely even a person! Not a good one any way... He's been abusing me and sexually harassing me. Slapping my butt, grabbing my tits, and the night before me and Luke, this is way too much info, but the night before me and Luke first slept together, Ashton raped me... The babies might be his!" I ball. Jason runs over to me and holds me tight. "Please don't tell Luke yet... Please!" I cry. Then the front door opens. In comes a crying Luke with blood on his hands. What the hell happened.

"He told me. He told me everything Grace... How bad has he hurt you...?" Luke cried. What has he done to Ash?! The bloods scaring me. I burst out into tears and hold tight to Jason. "Show me where he hurt you!"

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