The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


49. //37//

We got home and I sat straight on the couch. I was lying over both Luke and Jason, my head on Luke's lap. I just started sobbing as soon as Michael, Ash and Calum walked into the living room.

"What's wrong roo?" Ash asked. I looked at Luke and he nodded. He patted my head and then smiled before talking.

"It's twins! But..." Luke started. Everybody's eyes shot open.

"But what..?" Ash asked cautiously. I sobbed even louder and Luke wrapped his arms around me. He is so comforting. Even when I'm in the worst conditions.

"Well... One has a chance of havering Down syndrome and the other one might not survive until birth.." Luke explained. Hearing it again made me worse. I sat up and wrapped myself around Luke. He responds right away to this an holds me tight as he repeatedly kisses my fore head. "It's ok baby. We'll get through this. We'll have both babies and they'll be absolutely perfect!" He whispered in my ear. I nodded and buried my head into his broad shoulder.

"Thanks Luke, I love you." I sobbed. He rocked back and forth to calm me down. Silence surrounded the room, making it seem almost empty. But it wasn't so awkward. It was nice. I was with my best friends. And we love each other! They'll help me through this. I have to tell my mom!

To: mommy :*- Hey mommy! I have to tell you something...

From: mommy :*- Save it till I get back! Oh, by the way I'm taking an extra 6 months here! It's amazing. Miss you hun. You can wait 6 months right?

To: mommy :*- I guess so... Just don't get mad when you find out :( ....

I can't believe she doesn't want to hear it. And she's staying for another 6 months on top of the 3 months! There'll be two more people in this house then! Hopefully...

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