The Babysitter

Sequel: The Hemmings Family


44. //32//

Why is he crying? I start laughing and walk back to him and hug him.

"Why are you crying Lucas?" I giggle. He looks at me confused.

"You finally found a lover, and it's not me...." He started before I cut him off. That's absolutely rediculous!

"What? You think I'm actually gonna date Jason? No way! It's a joke we've been playing since we were 11, whenever one of us goes on a plane or on a vacation of some kind, we always do it. It's like a weird tradition. I've learnt that there's only one person I love Mr. Hemmings, and that's you! Will you please forgive me and be mine again, for real?" I laugh. His face lights up. I can't believe he thought I'd actually date Jason! I'm carrying Luke's baby, and Luke is the only one who understands every aspect of me and loves me for me, even with all my flaws. And the same goes for my feelings towards him. I love him.

"Are you for real?" He asks. I laugh and nod. "Yes I will. I love you Grace!" He yelled. The whole floor started clapping as mine and Luke's lis crashed for the first time in a week or so. Yeah... Forgot we were in the middle of an airport...


Hey guys!

Were you expecting that? No? Thought not! Who do you think I am. I wrote this. I know it's a Luke fanfic. I know what I'm doing. Just please keep that in mind from now on? Please? I'm so happy to write for you guys. Yeah, I might make it confusing, but what matters irks that I try, right? Thank you all for reading. I will update as soon as I can and try to make longer paragraphs.

I love you all, stay perfect!

-Lauren :)

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